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AMETI is a group of projects in south east Auckland which will improve transport choices and connections in the area. Stage 1 saw the opening of the new Panmure Station and Te Horeta Road. Stage 2a is the construction of New Zealand's first urban busway with buses travelling on their own congestion free lanes between Panmure, Pakuranga and Botany town centres.

Project status: Implementation
Project zone: Central South

Project purpose

The overall aim of AMETI is to:

  • Give people better transport choices;
  • Get more people onto public transport to free up roads for freight and business traffic;
  • Roading improvements to key traffic bottlenecks like Panmure town centre and the Ti Rakau Drive/Reeves Road/South Eastern highway intersection.

The main Ameti projects are:

  • An urban busway on congestion free lanes between Panmure, Pakuranga and Botany town centres;
  • New stations at Panmure and Pakuranga town centre;
  • Roading improvements at traffic bottlenecks, including a new north-south Panmure road, the Reeves Rd flyover in Pakuranga and replacing the Panmure roundabout with traffic light.

Features and benefits

AMETI will be delivered in several stages. The first in Panmure is almost complete and the next stage from Panmure to Pakuranga will begin construction in 2017.

Stage One features

  • The major upgrade of Panmure Station to create an interchange that allows easy transfers between trains, a future busway and local buses. 
  • The new 1.5km Te Horeta Road, linking Morrin Rd to Mt Wellington Highway to cut peak time journeys between Glen Innes and Mt Wellington.
  • A 220m tunnel for the new road built next to the rail line at the station. A concrete box will be built with a road for the station on top.
  • A new Ellerslie Panmure Highway bridge, a new bridge in front of Panmure Station and a new Mountain Rd bridge. 
  • Wider, longer footbridge with lifts over the rail line between William Harvey Place and Ireland Rd.
  • Cycle lanes on Ellerslie Panmure Highway (Mt Wellington Highway to Queens Rd) and new Te Horeta Road, a new shared path alongside the new road.

Stage One benefits

  • Easy transfers between buses and trains at a high quality new Panmure Station with more shelter for passengers.
  • The new Te Horeta Road will cut peak journey times between Mt Wellington and Glen Innes.
  • It will carry an estimated 20,000 vehicles per day, including 2400 trucks as a result of the better connection for business and freight traffic.
  • Reduced traffic on Mt Wellington Highway (40%), Ellerslie Panmure Highway (33%), Jellicoe Rd (40%) and Apirana Ave (20%), helping to improve local journeys.

Stage Two A

Stage Two A will entail a new busway, separate to general traffic, between Panmure Station and Pakuranga town centre and improvements to traffic bottlenecks by upgrading Panmure roundabout to an intersection with traffic lights.

Read about Stage Two A:  Panmure to Pakuranga.


  • 2013 Panmure Station construction.
  • August 2013 New Ellerslie-Panmure Highway bridge opens.
  • January 2014 Panmure Station opens.
  • November 2014 New 1.5km Te Horeta Road and tunnel opens.
  • April 2015 Panmure to Pakuranga likely application for designation (Notice of Requirement).
  • 2017 Panmure to Pakuranga construction start.
  • 2021 Panmure to Pakuranga complete.
  • 2028 Pakuranga to Botany complete.



Stage 1 of AMETI focuses on the Panmure area.

Panmure to Pakuranga

Phase 2 of AMETI focuses on the area from Panmure to Pakuranga town centre.

Sylvia Park bus and cycling improvements

Improvements being made in the Sylvia Park area will create a new bus and cycling route.

Pakuranga to Botany Busway

The Pakuranga to Botany busway will enable people to catch a quick bus from the eastern suburbs and change to a train at Panmure.

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