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Bus replacements Bus replacements

In order to upgrade the Auckland rail network, there are times when trains will not operate. During these closures trains will be replaced by bus.

These replacement bus services are provided by regular buses that run from station to station around the network instead of trains.

They run to a different timetable to trains due their different road based route and cannot stop at Parnell and Meadowbank station.

Frequently asked questions about replacement buses

How will I know if my train is being replaced by a bus?

Look out for posters on trains and in station information boards that advise in advance of planned closures of the network. You can also check the Service Announcements section of this website or call Auckland Transport on 09 366 6400 before you travel. On the day there will be signs at the stations advising buses are replacing trains that day. 

How do I identify a replacement bus?

Replacement buses are regular buses which are displaying a 'replacement bus' sign.

Do replacement buses run to the same timetable as trains?

As buses travel on a different route to trains, and are affected by road traffic and access to stations, they operate to a different timetable to the services they are replacing.  

Replacement timetable information is available at the bus stop and train station when replacement bus services are operating. Timetable information is also available online under Service Announcements or by calling 09 366 6400.

Do replacement buses stop at all stations?

Replacement buses do not stop at Parnell or Meadowbank due to difficulties in buses accessing these stations. Both of these stations are near regular bus routes that can be used to travel to nearby stations to connect with replacement buses. See maps of station bus stops here. 

Some replacement buses operate as an express or limited stop service between stations. This will be shown on the timetable, or when boarding please check with the driver.

Will how I pay change?

You can pay for your travel on replacement buses in the same way. You can use your AT HOP card, pay cash on board the bus, or use a cash ticket purchased from the Ticket and Top Up machine at the station. 

  • Please tag on and off on the replacement bus as per a normal bus trip
  • If transferring to a train for part of the journey, please tag on and tag off at the first and last train station

Please note: You should not tag on at a station when signs state that trains are not running. Instead, you should tag on when boarding the rail bus. If you tag on at the station, then fail to tag off at the station, it will result in a 'failed tag off' charge being applied to your AT HOP card. If this occurs, you will need to request a refund.

Accessibility on rail buses.

We endeavour to make replacement buses accessible to all passengers, unfortunately at times some services may not be accessible to wheelchair users. Mobility scotters and bikes are also unable to be carried. For pushchairs and prams on replacement buses see Luggage on public transport.

Where to catch the replacement bus

Replacement buses pick passengers up from bus stops located as near as possible to train stations. See details of each station bus stop locations here. The bus stops used have this sign clearly posted on them to help you identify them, as well as timetable information to help you plan you journey.