Upper Harbour Cycleway redesign Upper Harbour Cycleway redesign

Project background

In 2015 a cycleway was installed along Upper Harbour Drive in both directions. It connects with cycleways along Albany Highway and the existing shared use path on Tauhinu Road. This provides and important link for cyclists across the Upper Harbour Bridge and to West Auckland and beyond.

In 2022 Upper Harbour cycle lanes had delineators installed as a part of the Minor Cycling Improvement Programme - Protection of existing cycle facilities.

The protection of existing cycle facilities (or pop-up cycleways) is a major component of the minor cycling programme which was developed in discussion with Bike Auckland.  It is a programme of safety interventions focussed on strategic network and arterial roads to physically separate cycle lanes from traffic lanes.

After the installation of the cycle delineators on Upper Harbour Drive, there has been a lot of public feedback, and sentiment that the delineators are not the right option. There have been a number of drivers who have crashed into or on top of the delineators, and there has been mixed feedback. Community meetings have been held to provide a forum for people to share their feedback.

Given the number of crashes that have occurred since the implementation of the concrete separators, AT has decided to look at alternative options for the separator designs. We are managing a consultation and engagement process for the re-design options, with the view to include users of Upper Harbour Drive in the process.

Feedback from the community was considered, and the project team went back to the drawing board to look at other options that could provide safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians along Upper Harbour Drive.

Project aims and benefits

  • A safe separation between cyclists and motorists
  • Providing a safer route choice for cyclists, enabling more people to feel more confident to travel using a bike
  • Better connected city, improved access for people to opportunities.

Community participation sessions

On the 29 September two community participation sessions were held, with invited members of the community who represented users of Upper Harbour Drive. The first group was made up of residents, and the second group consisted of residents, regular cyclists, people who walk along this road and other road users.

Emergency services and other services such as waste management who have an interest in this stretch chose to contribute their feedback directly to Auckland Transport.

Participants were presented with 5 potential schemes as conversation starters, with some variations within schemes, and asked to provide their feedback about these. The feedback from these sessions will help further shape the preferred option or options for Upper Harbour Drive, before going out to wider community consultation.

The 5 potential schemes that were presented to the community sessions. The outcomes of the preferred scheme must provide safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Download the presentation (PDF 2MB).

The sessions were run by an independent facilitator. Download both of the sessions feedback report (PDF 2.4MB)

Session 1

Session 2

Next Steps

The project team is collating the feedback and will use the material to further develop the preferred options that meet safety outcomes for all road users.