Abbey Street, Grey Lynn – Gateway treatments Abbey Street, Grey Lynn – Gateway treatments

Proposal status: Feedback closed 20 March 2020

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As part of the Safe Speeds Programme, we will be reducing the speed limit in key areas throughout the Auckland Region. These speed reductions will apply from the 30 June 2020. The aim of this speed limit reduction is to make Auckland streets safe for all, in particular, the growing number of people walking and cycling.

Shape the city centre speed limit zone includes 23 gateway locations which provide points of entry into the new lower speed environment as well as mark the entrances into the City Centre. The Gateway designs will need to create entry points into the city that provide clear cues to motorists to slow down; fostering a sense of safety for all road users and indicating the new slow speed environment.

Gateway Designs

The gateway treatments will generally consist of new speed limit signs and banner on two sides of the road, and coloured/ textured surfacing. In addition, some sites will have kerb build-out and landscaping.

While our proposal is aimed at improving safety in the City centre, we recognise that these changes may affect residents or businesses on this street. That is why we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us decide the final shape of these changes.

Download the proposal drawing for Abbey Street (PDF 1.57MB)