Meadowbank Road and Tahapa Crescent, Orakei - P120 parking restrictions Meadowbank Road and Tahapa Crescent, Orakei - P120 parking restrictions

Proposal status: Feedback closed 6 April 2020, last updated 29 June 2020.

Reference number: RTV-256B

We proposed changes in your area in March 2020

To improve parking conditions, we proposed P120 (2 hour) parking time restrictions between businesses and a retirement home on Meadowbank Road and Tahapa Crescent, Orakei. Our proposal responded to requests from local businesses and residents to increase parking turn-over in this area. These changes are expected to improve parking availability for customers visiting the shops or the retirement home by restricting parking to 2 hours.

The proposed time restrictions would be in effect from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and would involve 37 parking spaces. In addition, we proposed painting broken yellow lines on the corner of Meadowbank Road and Tahapa Crescent to prevent people from parking illegally on this corner.

Download the proposal drawing for Meadowbank Road and Tahapa Crescent (PDF 308KB)

Proposal outcome

The parking restrictions will proceed with changes to the next stage of detailed planning with minor changes.

We have implemented two changes: Additional P120 parking restrictions on the North and South side of Tehapa Crescent.

Download the updated drawing for Meadowbank Road and Tahapa Crescent (PDF 323KB)

Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Feedback received

  • Respondents believe that further restrictions on Manapau and/or Bonnie Brae are necessary as parking is often taken up by commuters and not available to residents/visitors.
    Site observations show that available parking should meet demand on Manapau and Bonnie Brae. We recognize the importance of on-street parking as a resource and only implement parking restrictions when they are clearly able to improve the parking environment. If this is not the case, we will evaluate greater restrictions.
  • Respondent suggested broken yellow lines at the corners of Meadowbank Road and Harapaki Street to ensure visibility.
    We have noted this matter and forwarded it on to the relevant department at AT which would be best suited to analyse the feasibility of broken yellow lines at this location.
  • Respondents believe that the restrictions may cause commuters to concentrate more heavily in other areas and take away parking from those residents.
    We have conducted a parking study that indicates these changes will achieve 85% parking occupancy at peak times. Our evidence would indicate that this will maximize the parking efficiency of the area without causing undue concentration in other streets.
  • Respondent worried that restrictions are overly broad and should be limited to spaces directly in front of shops.
    We will take this into consideration when we develop our final plans. However, please be advised that AT does not implement any changes on street to benefit any individual or business and takes into serious consideration the benefits of all the public when making a change.
  • Respondents recommended that certain exceptions to parking restrictions be granted outside cafes and/or at the Retirement Village.
    We will take this into consideration when we develop our final plans. AT considers the needs of all people when improving neighbourhood safety and parking. The proposal for P120 time restrictions considers all these needs and we are confident it will bring benefits to all stakeholders.
  • Respondents recommend that resident permits be issued to increase long term access.
    AT is confident that the proposed improvements would bring the occupancy levels within the acceptable limits without the need or expense of parking permits. AT will continue to monitor the area for any changes and would look to extend restriction if occupancy is above 85% level during peak times in future.
  • Respondent asks that AT allow exemptions to time restrictions during public holidays.
    The restrictions will not apply during public holidays and weekends at this point and time.
  • Respondents worry that restrictions will limit options available to commuters and that feeder bus routes are insufficient to meet new demand.
    Meadowbank is connected to frequent train services as well as bus services on the surrounding streets. AT’s focus is on improving public transport and encourage active modes. The intention of this proposal is to ensure that on-street parking is available for a variety of users at a range of times.
  • Respondents believes that the lack of parking is a serious issue and only the addition of parking at the train station will alleviate issues.
    There are considerable costs with creating more parking and there needs to be a business case developed, in line with the strategy to ensure that each location stacks up strategically and financially. Based on AT’s regional priority assessment there is no funding identified in the current long term plan to further increase parking capacity in Meadowbank. We will continue to monitor this possibility, but for now suggest that greater use of feeder routes is the best way to reduce congestion.
  • Respondent recommended a new bus stops to facilitate transit once parking is removed, and another respondent noted that the bus stop at 36 Bonnie Brae Road is not clearly marked and cars often mistakenly park there.
    We will pass this feedback on to AT metro.

Next steps

This work will happen between June and August 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.