Rogan Street, Arundel Street and Stamford Park Road, Hillsborough - New roundabout Rogan Street, Arundel Street and Stamford Park Road, Hillsborough - New roundabout

Proposal status: Feedback closed 17 March 2020, last updated 23 July 2021.

Reference number: MIP1920-016

Proposal update

We advised you in February 2021 that these works were scheduled to be constructed during the 2021/22 financial year. 

This project now has a construction target date between October 2021 to March 2022.

We've proposed changes in your area

In March 2020, we proposed changes in your area. To improve safety for all road users and provide people with additional crossing points, we proposed a new roundabout and speed bumps at the intersection of Rogan Street, Arundel Street and Stamford Park Road, Hillsborough. The proposal involved removing 22 car parking spaces.

Download the proposal drawing for Rogan Street, Arundel Street and Stamford Park Road (PDF 3.7MB)

Proposal outcome

The proposed changes will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being constructed. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • Many respondents supported the proposal, noting that the creation of a roundabout will improve the safety of the road for both road users and pedestrians.
  • Request for more speed bumps on Stamford Park Road leading up to the roundabout.
    The objective of this project is to improve safety at the Stamford Park Road/Arundel Street/Rogan Street intersection. The proposed speed bumps on the approaches to the roundabout slow vehicle speeds. Stamford Park Road will be investigated separately in the future.
  • Suggestion for an additional speed bump further down Arundel Street coming from the direction of the public facilities.
    There are existing "SLOW" road markings on the approaches to the Leisure Centre on Arundel Street, encouraging drivers to slow down and be aware of people using the footpath. The proposed roundabout and the speed bumps on its approaches will also slow vehicles speeds. Therefore, an additional speed bump along Arundel Street is not required.
  • Request for the speed bumps to be "gentle".
    The proposed speed bumps will be built to the required standards. They will slow vehicles down as intended while not creating much discomfort to passengers if travelling over them at the advised speed. Advisory speed signs will be installed at each speed bump.
  • Concerns the speed bumps are too close to the roundabout and will cause congestion back onto it.
    We do not believe the speed bumps will increase congestion. They are placed in their current locations to slow approaching vehicles.
  • Question if the speed bumps will withstand the numerous heavy truck usage Arundel Street is experiencing now and for the next 3 years with the Central Interceptor project.
    The speed bumps will be built to the required standards and will withstand the heavy vehicle traffic on these roads.
  • Question if the roundabout will be raised enough to stop traffic driving over it.
    The central island of the roundabout will be built to a height so that large vehicles can drive over it, but general traffic will be forced to drive around the island.
  • Request for raised pedestrian crossings.
    If raised pedestrian crossings were to be installed then the crossing points will need to be pushed away from the roundabout. This would result in the crossings being away from the prime location for pedestrians. The proposed kerb ramp and pedestrian islands on all four approaches provide safe crossing points for pedestrians. The speed bumps on the approaches slow vehicles speeds.
  • Suggestion that the Cameron Pools area should have a new exit road so cars can safely come in from Arundel Street and go out another street.
    The Leisure Centre is not in Auckland Transport land. It is located at the end of Arundel Street with no other roads connecting to it. It would be difficult to provide another exit out of the Leisure Centre.
  • Enquiry into the expected time frame for the works.
    The construction is planned for 2020/2021.

Next steps

This project now has a construction target of the 2021/22 financial year. We’ll update this page with more detail about the commencement of works later this year.