Cape Hill Road, Pukekohe - Roundabout Cape Hill Road, Pukekohe - Roundabout

Proposal status: Feedback closed 2 March 2020, last updated 19 February 2021.

Reference number: MIP1819-022

Proposal update

Changes to the construction timeframe

We advised you in March 2020 that these works were scheduled to start construction by July 2020.

Unfortunately, construction of this project did not happen due to the impact of Covid-19. This project is part of the Minor Improvement Programme and is dependent on the level of funding we receive from Auckland Council. This year, funding has been reduced due to Covid-19. Planning and design will continue, but currently, many projects cannot be delivered in the 2020-2021 financial year.

However, this project is estimated for construction during the 2021-2022 financial year.

What happens next

This project now has a construction target of the 2021/22 financial year. We’ll update this site next year with more detail about the commencement of works.

We proposed changes in your area

We are proposing to upgrade the Cape Hill, Reynolds, and Franklin Road intersection to a roundabout in Pukekohe. This proposal responds to a series of collisions at this intersection. The roundabout aims to improve safety by directing traffic in one direction and encouraging lower speeds.

The proposed changes include:

  • a new traffic island;
  • new pedestrian islands with connecting footpaths and kerb ramps;
  • new signs and grass berms.

Download the proposal drawing for Cape Hill Road (PDF 1.35MB)

Proposal outcome

The proposed changes will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being implemented. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • Majority of respondents showed support for this plan as it will greatly improve road user and pedestrian safety in this area. Alternatively, respondents believe the proposed changes will allow traffic to flow much smoother. Thank you for your support. We hope the new changes will improve accessibility and safety for all road users.
  • Respondents stated that safety issues occur in other places on Cape Hill Road when residents enter their respective driveways particularly at numbers 15 and 17. Alternatively, respondents believe road markings should attend to the issue of cars blocking the centre strip whilst waiting for traffic to clear at this area. he proposed roundabout is to address the safety and operational issues which were raised by the residents. Our traffic modelling indicated that the new proposal should largely improve the queueing issue to no more than 2 cars queuing at the one time. The median strip will no longer be used as a right turn lane as a result of the roundabout control and the pedestrian refuge island. Access to properties in the vicinity such as 15 and 17 should improve, as they can now safely use the median strip and only need to cross one traffic lane to enter the property.
  • Respondent believes it would be beneficial to have the pedestrian crossings further back from the roundabout to prevent even more congestion. We understand your concern of increased congestion however, for safety reasons, the crossings are located close to the roundabout to improve visibility as well as to slow approaching traffic. Moving the crossings further away could result in potential safety issues and may not be in line with the pedestrian desire line which is the most comfortable route to cross the road.
  • Respondent believes the use of heavier vehicles using this area as a shortcut and creating noise for residents. Alternatively, respondent believes rumble strips may encourage slower speeds towards the roundabout. We carefully considered all options and rumble strips would not be appropriate for this upgrade as the geometry of the roundabout is already designed to effectively calm the traffic speed through the intersection. Trucks will have to slow down in order to negotiate through the roundabout. Rumble strip could also create noise issues for the directly adjacent properties.
  • Request for more frequent road inspections for potholes. Thank you for your request regarding an issue with potholes. We have passed this to our maintenance team for attention. Our AT contractors do regular inspections for potholes on this road. However, they may not have not picked up new potholes that may have developed between inspections.  Please report any potholes through our AT website and we will be able to attend to it. We will also carry out pavement assessments in detailed design stage which will pick up any pavement issues at the intersection.
  • Request for a slip lane for left turning out of Reynolds Road. Alternatively, respondent believes all four give ways should have a left turn option for traffic at the intersection of East Street and Stadium Drive. The proposed roundabout is being implemented in order to address the safety and operational issues at the intersection. In this circumstance, a slip lane would not be needed, as the queuing issue will be addressed by changing the priority-controlled intersection to a roundabout.
  • Concerns over potential flooding of the south west corner of Franklin Road and Cape Hill Road due to the layout of the road. Request for the culvert to be upgraded as part of the works to help prevent flooding. Our Healthy Waters team is looking after the overland flow path and the underlying drainage system. We will pass this comment onto them to investigate further if there are any capacity issues. We will contact those who voiced concerns individually and will subsequently update our webpage in due course.