Portage Rd and Station Rd, Papatoetoe - Intersection upgrade and roundabout installation Portage Rd and Station Rd, Papatoetoe - Intersection upgrade and roundabout installation

Consultation status: closed 4 April 2018

Proposal reference: RI1718-006

We are proposing to upgrade this priority controlled intersection to a roundabout.

The improvements will include dual approach lanes on each leg for separate right and left turns, signalised pedestrian crossing on Portage Road, pedestrian refuge islands on Gray Avenue and Station Road, kerb build-outs, implementation of cycle ramps and a shared path from Portage Road into Station Road.

Download the consultation drawing for Portage Road and Station Road (PDF 1MB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve the safety and efficiency of this intersection for all road users.

This intersection has been identified as having a high occurrence of vehicles losing control on the right angle bend due to the horizontal alignment of Portage Road and Station Road; the existing layout whereby Gray Avenue is controlled by a give-way sign means traffic accessing this road frequently experiences significant delays due to constant traffic flow on the main road and there is also a regular demand for pedestrians to cross the intersection and a lack of formal crossing facilities.

Feedback results

The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed with changes to the next stage of detailed planning. 

Download the updated consultation plans for Portage Road and Station Road (PDF 1 MB)

Specific feedback

  • Lack of cycling facilities and concern around safety and amenity for cyclists. The design of the proposed roundabout has been revised to incorporate improved cycling facilities that are considered appropriate and feasible to suit the current land and budgetary constraints. A new paired crossing on raised table is proposed on Gray Avenue in order to provide a continuous and safe eastbound cycle facility for cyclists. The approach lanes on Gray Avenue has been reduced to a single lane so that pedestrians and cyclists using the paired crossing are only required to cross a single lane in each direction. A new shared path is also proposed for the westbound direction from Station Road into Portage Road to connect up the existing cycle lanes and complete the missing link in the existing facility. The proposed off-road cycling facilities are expected to separate the cyclists from the general motor vehicles and provide a continuous and safe facility for target users of all ages and abilities to negotiate the roundabout. Please be advised that Papatoetoe is identified for future cycleways investment with indicative funding in the approved programme business case for the period 2021 – 2028. Further upgrades to this road corridor may be required to uplift the quality of service to something better suited for all ages and abilities. The later planned changes will build upon the intersection improvements currently being designed. AT is committed to address the land limitations and confirm the funding allocation for the longer-term cycling facilities on this cycling corridor under this 10 year programme. Read more information on the cycling investment programme (PDF 4.2MB).
  • Concerns around angled parking in front of the shops. The existing angled parking spaces in front of the shops on the northern side of Portage Road are located on private properties and are not owned by AT. AT has no jurisdiction to modify or remove these private parking spaces. However, we have revised the design to provide a wider cycle lane in front of these parking spaces which is expected to improve safety for cyclists.
  • Concern around positioning of pedestrian refuge island. As a result of feedback received, AT is proposing to install a pedestrian refuge island in front of number 137 Station Road in order to provide a designated crossing facility on this section of the roundabout and improve the safety and amenity for pedestrians. Please refer to the updated plan for details.

Next Steps

We expect to introduce this work between July 2018 and June 2019, subject to further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will notify all affected residents prior to construction work.