Preston Road, Otara – Pedestrian crossing Preston Road, Otara – Pedestrian crossing

Proposal status: Feedback closed 23 June 2020, last updated 21 October 2020.

Reference number: CSFOP1.1

In June 2020, we proposed changes in your area

To improve safety for people crossing the road, particularly young children, the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board and Auckland Transport proposed to upgrade the existing Zebra Crossing to a Swedish style raised table on Preston Road, Ōtara.

Proposed changes:

  • Upgrade the Zebra Crossing to a Swedish style raised table to encourage slow speeds upon approaching the crossing.
  • Install a footpath to connect the crossing to the footpath for easy access on both sides of the road.
  • Install tactile pavers which are yellow guidance paving markers to help visually impaired people to find their way to the crossing and safely cross the road.
  • Extend the existing broken yellow lines in order to improve visibility for drivers.

Download the proposal drawing for Preston Road (PDF 1.2MB)

Focus on road safety - Community Safety Fund

The Community Safety Fund is focused on tackling road safety concerns. This programme is dependent on the level of funding AT receives from Auckland Council. Unfortunately this year, funding has been constrained due to the impact of Covid-19. Planning and design will continue but currently many projects cannot be delivered in the 2020/2021 financial year.

Ōtara: Safe with us

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving. Projects like this one around Preston Road are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures (like minor time saving).

Proposal outcome

This proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed design before being implemented. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal which gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • Concerns regarding the proposed location of the raised crossing and how this will impede on cars waiting to turn right.
    The existing central median where vehicles are able to wait to turn right measures approximately 2.1m. This is sufficient width for a vehicle to wait without impeding traffic flows in either direction. There is approximately 18m of median length for vehicles to turn right from Preston Road into the school. Having the crossing raised will make it safer for vehicles wanting to turn right, as it will slow vehicles travelling north bound as they pass the school on approach to the proposed raised crossing.
  • Request for additional street improvements during construction including repairing and maintaining footpaths and broken kerbs.
    Any maintenance works required on infrastructure outside the scope of this project will not be included. However, if you do know of any specific areas in need of repair or maintenance please contact Auckland Transport to log a maintenance case to be investigated by our maintenance team.
  • Concerns that the kerb ramps on the corner of Geraldine Road don’t meet the minimum standards for accessibility.
    We have investigated the kerb ramps at this intersection and have found that the ramps do not comply with current Auckland Transport standards. The northern ramp will be regraded to a gentler profile and will be done when the proposed crossing is built. The southern ramp has a missing tactile paver which have been temporarily infilled with asphalt. We have made our maintenance team aware of this and have instructed them to remove the asphalt and replace it with a tactile paver.

Next steps

We will be in touch with you when we know more about how this project will be impacted by the current budget constraints. Once funding is secured, our contractors will send notices to residents or businesses affected by works 48 hours before the work starts.