Waiuku Road, Pukekohe – Intersection improvements Waiuku Road, Pukekohe – Intersection improvements

Proposal status: updated 26 September 2018

Reference number: RI1819-001

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We are proposing a new right turn bay on Waiuku Road, at the intersection with Stuart Road in Pukekohe. The proposal includes widening of the road and shoulder along the intersection, in order to accommodate the turn bay.

Download the proposal drawing for Waiuku Road (PDF 1.7MB)

Why the changes are needed

The adjustment is expected to improve safety and visibility for traffic turning in and out of Stuart Road, by providing a dedicated facility for the high volume of turning traffic, especially heavy commercial vehicles.

We are aware there has been a fatal crash near this intersection. This proposal was initiated at an earlier stage, and is not designed specifically in response to that incident. We are currently investigating the crash to determine if further safety improvements are required, which will build upon the new layout currently being proposed.

Proposal outcome

We have received mixed pieces of feedback, with many of the respondents requesting more measures to improve safety at this intersection. The project will be revised with changes to address these issues.

Feedback received

Specific concerns we received and our responses:

  • Traffic is moving too fast, the speed needs to be reduced to 70 km/h.
    The entire length of Waiuku Road, including this section around Stuart Road, is currently under investigation for reduction of the speed limit. More details of the investigation will become available for feedback from the public towards the end of 2018.
  • We would prefer a roundabout to be installed at this location.
    Installing a roundabout at this intersection of Waiuku Road and Stuart Road may be a possible option that requires extensive further study due to the following major site constraints:
    • The horizontal and vertical alignment of Waiuku Road. A major realignment of Waiuku Road through this section would be required to accommodate a roundabout that meets the minimum design and safety requirements.
    • Insufficient space being available within the road reserve to construct a roundabout with a large enough footprint, to support the high-speed rural road environment (either in the current 100km/h speed limit or a potential reduced speed limit in the future). Land acquisition from adjacent properties is required to accommodate a 'fit for purpose' roundabout in this location.

Due to the extensive works and budget involved, and land acquisition required, the roundabout option is unlikely to be a swift solution that can be committed to at this stage.

We will progress with the required design and planning tasks to assess its feasibility, before weighing it against other projects on a consistent basis. Therefore we are currently unable to provide certainty, or timeline for constructing a new roundabout at this location.

As a result, we need to consider safety improvements that can be implemented in the near future. This proposal, including the changes outlined below, is considered appropriate and necessary as a short-term treatment to improve safety.

Please be advised that AT has a proposal to install a roundabout at the intersection of Waiuku Road, Patumahoe Road and Attewell Road (identified as the top 100 high risk intersections in NZ), which is expected to provide an alternative and safe route choice within this local network.

  • We do not believe the proposal provides enough shelter.
    To further improve the safety at this intersection, we are investigating the inclusion of the following extra measures in the design:
    • Corner benching - cutting back the bank on Waiuku Road west of the intersection to improve visibility exiting the side roads.
    • Improving warning signage and road surface on Waiuku Road approaching the intersection, including the option of a flash warning sign to alert motorists approaching the intersection on Waiuku Road.
    • Investigating the reduction of the speed limit on Waiuku Road.

Next steps

This work will happen before the end of June 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents prior to construction starting.