Paturoa Rd, Titirangi - Broken yellow lines Paturoa Rd, Titirangi - Broken yellow lines

Consultation status: closed 8 June 2018

Proposal reference: BYL-264

We are proposing to install Broken Yellow Lines around the sharp bend on both sides of the road, around 55 Paturoa Road, Titirangi.

View the consultation drawing for Paturoa Road (PDF 286KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed due to vehicles currently parking along the bend of the road and causing visibility issues for road users.

Proposal outcome

This project will procced with changes to the next stage of detailed planning. A summary of the community feedback we received and answers to questions and concerns is below.

Download the updated drawing for Paturoa Road (PDF 290KB)

Feedback received

  • Respondent believes that there are two new pedestrian crossings being installed in this area and maybe in direct conflict with the proposed broken yellow lines. There are currently no plans to our knowledge of pedestrian crossings being installed at this location.
  • Respondent has noted that property number 44 has no off street parking and recommends shortening the extent of broken yellow lines. The proposed extent of broken yellow lines are required to ensure sufficient visibility for pedestrians using the crossing.
  • Respondents argue that there should be broken yellow lines on just the inside of the bend as this will be sufficient to allow emergency vehicles to pass. At this location, the street is narrow so having broken yellow lines on both sides will improve the overall safety to stop vehicles from crossing the centrelines.
  • Respondent believes that broken yellow lines alone are not enough to resolve the visibility issues on the bends on Paturoa Road. The respondent would like to see Convex Safety Mirrors and hazard lights. Auckland Transport no longer installs convex mirrors. The reason for this is that while convex mirrors may be useful in a limited number of locations, we have found them generally ineffective and sometimes unsafe. The mirror can give a false sense of distance and speed of an oncoming vehicle. In the past, drivers have misinterpreted what they see in the convex mirror which has put them and other road users at risk. Convex mirrors have also been subject to damage and vandalism and can be costly to install and maintain.
  • Respondent would like to see a white centre line painted on the bend to encourage vehicles to slow down and stay in their lanes. We’ll put a centre-line as a guidance.

Next steps

This work will happen between July 2018 and June 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting. ​