Vodanovich Rd and School Rd, Te Atatu South - Intersection upgrade Vodanovich Rd and School Rd, Te Atatu South - Intersection upgrade

Consultation status: closed 14 June 2018 

Proposal reference: MIP1718-047 

We are proposing to install a new roundabout at the intersection of Vodanovich Road and School Road and additional speed calming measures, that will include:

  • Minor road widening around the intersection.
  • Buildout of kerbs along School Road to the west of the intersection.
  • Construction of a raised central roundabout island that is fully mountable by over-sized trucks and buses and mountable along its outer perimeter by large passenger vehicles.
  • Installation of improved pedestrian crossing facilities on all legs, including raised refuge islands, pram crossings, and tactile pavers.
  • Minor alterations to raised speed tables on both legs of Vodanovich Road and construction of a raised speed table on the eastern leg of School Road.
  • Reconstruction of storm drains.
  • Changes to road markings and signage.
  • Extension of broken yellow lines on the northern leg of Vodanovich Road, including removal of approximately 3 on-street parking spaces.

View the consultation drawing for Vodanovich Rd and School Rd (PDF 1.45MB) 

Why the changes are needed

The intersection of Vodanovich Road and School Road is identified as high-risk, with a number of reported accidents in recent years. This proposal aims to address existing safety concerns at this location, including speeding along School Road and confusion over priority rules at the intersection . We expect that this will significantly improve safety for all road users, without significant impacts to the intersection of School Road and Central Park Drive.

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. A summary of community feedback we received and answers to questions and concerns is below

Feedback received

  • Request to install a speed hump on Vodanovich Road near the intersection with Blethyn Place to discourage vehicles from travelling down the hill at high speeds. There are a number of speed calming measures already in place along Vodanovich Road, but we will investigate whether additional measures are needed.
  • Concern that vehicles frequently travel along School Road at high speeds. We expect that the speed calming measures proposed as part of this project will significantly reduce vehicle speeds along School Road.
  • Request to install a speed hump further along School Road to the west of the intersection to discourage vehicles from travelling down the hill at high speeds. On the western approach to the roundabout, the proposal includes for a kerb build out along the northern edge of School Road as well as wider pedestrian refuge islands. The resultant narrowing of the western leg of School Road is expected to have the same effect as would construction of a speed table, allowing for slower vehicle speeds.
  • Request to install a designated bike lane within the roundabout and along School Road. Although the installation of improved cycling facilities was initially considered, our investigations suggest that there is not considerable cyclist demand at this location.
  • Request for improved pedestrian facilities at this location, including raised table zebra crossings and wider footpaths. Pedestrian counts at this intersection have been undertaken, and found to be below levels at which a zebra crossing would typically be installed. If there are a relatively small number of pedestrians using a zebra crossing, vehicles may become accustomed to not stopping, which can create a safety risk. The pedestrian facilities proposed will significantly benefit pedestrians in the following ways:
    • Wider pedestrian refuge islands will provide a safer mid crossing point and will reduce crossing distances.
    • Lower vehicles speeds will allow more time for pedestrians to cross the road from when they first see an approaching vehicle.
    • A simplification of priority created by the roundabout means that pedestrians only need to observe vehicles approaching from one direction, and reduces the number of potential conflict points.
  • Suggestion to establish the intersection of School Road and Vodanovich Road as a "pedestrian mall" where vehicles are the minority. These types of ‘shared spaces’ are only suitable for high density locations in low speed environments. We are unable to consider this request at the intersection of School and Vodanovich Roads.
  • Concern that the kerb buildout along the northern edge of School Road will create pinch points for cyclists. The lane widths will be designed and constructed so as not to create pinch points for cyclists.
  • Request to omit the proposed pedestrian crossing facilities to the west of the intersection. The proposed crossing facilities will allow pedestrians to cross School Road safely.
  • Concerns that the proposal will result in increased traffic congestion at this location and on Edmonton Road. This proposal primarily aims to reduce the speeds of vehicles approaching the intersection, providing a safer environment for all road users. The impact of the proposed changes on congestion has been modelled, and was determined to be minimal.
  • Requests to signalise the intersection of Vodanovich and School Roads. Although signalisation was considered during the investigation stage, it was deemed unfeasible as it would worsen congestion issues at this location and would likely introduce a higher number of potential conflict points compared to a roundabout.
  • Request that the central roundabout island be fully raised in order to dissuade drivers from making risky manoeuvres. The central island will be raised so that only over-sized vehicles will be able to mount it.
  • Concern that tightening of the corners and addition of traffic islands will cause manoeuvrability issues for larger vehicles. Vehicle tracking for this roundabout has been completed to check that the appropriate vehicles will be able to manoeuver through the intersection.
  • Concern over the location of the proposed speed table to the east of the intersection. Due to the topography of the road, the location of other existing driveways and services, and the required distance from the roundabout, the location as proposed is the only suitable location for a speed table. This project will help to reduce speeds significantly on School Road, and make the intersection with Vodanovich Road safer.
  • Requests additional works include:
    • Requests to install a roundabout at the intersection of School Road and Central Park Drive.
    • Requests to install pedestrian and cyclist facilities from School Road across Central Park Drive.
    • Concern that drivers turning right onto Central Park Drive from School Road make risky manoeuvres in order to merge with northbound traffic.
    • Concern that visibility for vehicles turning right from School Road to Central Park Drive is frequently obscured by traffic turning left onto School Road.
    • Request to signalise the intersection of School Road and Central Park Drive.
    • Request for improved public transit options at this location.

This proposal focuses on upgrading the intersection of School and Vodanovich Roads, in Te Atatu South. While these requests do not fall within the focus of this proposal, we have passed your concerns along to the relevant internal team for further investigation.

Next steps

This work will happen prior to July 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.