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Ash Street and Rata Street safety improvements Ash Street and Rata Street safety improvements

Project overview

Auckland Transport and the Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) have identified the corridor consisting of Rata Street and Ash Street as high-risk corridors and being eligible for safety improvements as part of the Safe Network Programme.   

The project will cover Rata Street and Ash Street between the Great North Road (GNR)/Titirangi Road/Rata Street intersection and the Ash Street/Rosebank Road intersection which is about 2.3km in length.  

Rata Street currently carries approximately 17,950 vehicles northbound and 18,800 vehicles southbound per day with a heavy vehicle consisting of 6%.  

Ash Street currently carries approximately 17,800 vehicles northbound and 17,100 vehicles southbound per day with a heavy vehicle consisting of 6%.  

Tragically, between 2014 – 2018 there were three fatal and 11 serious injury crashes along this corridor.  A further 46 people were injured in the 213 crashes that occurred. 

Within the next 5 years, there's going to be significant growth in the area with over 1000 new houses expected to be built before 2026 in the Avondale area alone.  Expected population growth in Avondale and surrounding suburbs, will place additional pressure on roads and traffic congestion.

The changes we are proposing

In 2020, we asked the community what safety improvements along Ash/Rata Streets were important to them. Based on the feedback, and our investigation, the safety improvements and locations being proposed are: 

  • The intersection of Great North Road, Rata Street and Titirangi Road – speed reduction measures 
  • Rata Street, near Caspian Close – a refuge crossing island  
  • Near 56 Rata Street – a new traffic light controlled crossing 
  • Near 75 Ash Street – a refuge crossing island 
  • The intersection of Wairau Avenue and Ash Street – adding a traffic light controlled crossing and speed reduction measures 
  • The intersection of Rosebank Road and Ash Street – speed reduction measures 
  • Ash Street, near Highbury Street – a new traffic light controlled crossing 

You can find more information about these proposed safety measures in the consultation feedback form.

Give your feedback for Ash and Rata Streets

If you would like to post in your feedback, download and print our feedback form template, fill in your details and send it freepost using the address details on the form.

What happens next

  • We’ll consider all the feedback we receive, and then decide the best way to move forward.   
  • We’ll post the outcome of this proposal and a summary of community feedback on this webpage.  
  • We will send a copy of the consultation feedback report to everyone who provides feedback.

More information

This proposal is supported with funding from the Auckland regional fuel tax.

Project area

This project covers the length Ash Street and Rata Street.


  • Mid-October 2021 – consultation opens 
  • Mid-November 2021 – consultation closes 
  • Early-2022 – Release feedback report  

2020 Public Consultation

In 2020, AT asked the community to tell us about their experiences of walking, riding a bike or driving along Ash Street and Rata Street. We also asked what parts of Ash Street and Rata Street you would like us to improve. In total 197 submissions were received.

Feedback report Download the public feedback report (PDF 6.4MB)

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