Greys Avenue, Central City – Raised zebra crossings Greys Avenue, Central City – Raised zebra crossings

Proposal status: Feedback closed 29 October 2019, last updated 17 December 2019.

Reference number:  RSU1920-097

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In October 2019 we proposed to upgrade the 2 existing pedestrian crossings on Greys Avenue in the Central City. Proposed changes included:

  • Raising the existing zebra crossing at the end of Greys Avenue onto a platform that is level with the footpath. This will improve pedestrian access and calm traffic speeds at the crossing.
  • Converting the pedestrian crossing outside Kadimah School to a zebra crossing, giving pedestrians right of way. This crossing will also be raised to the level of the footpath, which is expected to greatly benefit students of the school.
  • New road markings and signs to make sure the crossings can be clearly seen by approaching drivers.

Download the proposal drawing for Greys Avenue (PDF 4.1MB) 

These changes are expected to improve pedestrian safety at these crossings, both of which are frequently used by the students of Kadimah School.

This project is made possible by the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax and is part of a region-wide programme to improve the safety of existing pedestrian crossings at key locations, such as schools.

Proposal outcome

The proposed changes will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being constructed. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • Request to further improve pedestrian safety by tightening the corners of the intersection and building the crossing in line with the Pitt Street footpath.
    We have tried to align the crossing with the footpath as much as possible to improve comfort for people using the crossing at Pitt Street. However, as the fire station needs to make a turn here very often, we cannot move the crossing any closer to Pitt Street, or make changes to the intersection. The location of the crossing on the north side has been retained, but the crossing on the south side has been moved 3 metres east to ensure easy access to the fire station.
  • Requests to remove the median islands from the design as they are often too small for larger groups of pedestrians.
    We have proposed a median island because this crossing is outside a fire station and needs a 'Swedish-style speed table'. A Swedish table has entrance and exit ramps with different slopes, which reduces discomfort and stress on the suspension of large vehicles such as fire trucks and buses. Because the exit/entrance ramps are on different slopes, a median island is necessary to let people cross more smoothly and not be affected by the difference in slopes. The island is wide enough for prams and people on bicycles, improving the safety of vulnerable road users.
  • Concerns about the gradient of the ramps and proximity to the school.
    We can confirm our speed ramps on this intersection are graded at incline of 10% which will calm speeds on this road. Some of the ramps may seem more gradual because they are 'Swedish-Style' speed tables. These have a more gradual off-ramp to reduce discomfort and stress on larger vehicles. The shallow ramp outside Kadimah School also minimizes discomfort.
    As of June 30, 2020, the speed limit on Greys Avenue will be reduced to 30km (as per the new approved bylaw), and this slower speed will also increase comfort for drivers and passengers.
  • Request for speed reduction to 40 km/h.
    From June 30, 2020, the speed limit of this road will be 30km/h as per the new approved bylaw.
  • Question whether cyclist numbers are counted on Greys Ave.
    Unfortunately, we do not have data on cyclist numbers for Greys Avenue.
  • Request for a cycleway along Pitt Street.
    At the moment, we are not considering installing cycle lanes at this location. When the speed reductions to 30km/h come into effect, people on bicycles will be able to share the road with motorists more comfortably.
  • Concern about the gradient of speed tables, as respondent has seen much damage on Great South Road speed humps. Notes that children with lollipop signs are a better speed deterrent.
    We have designed shallow ramps outside Kadimah School and a 'Swedish-style' speed table at the intersection of Greys Avenue and Pitt Street. The Swedish-style table will be flat and wide with a gradual slope at one end that will make it more comfortable for buses and passengers. Both speed tables aim to slow drivers down, reduce discomfort for vehicles, and make it safer for people using the crossing. Kadimah School may also consider continuing the use of school patrol with lollipop signs.

Next steps

These works are planned before the start of the new school term at the end of January 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.