Kepa Road and Kupe Street, Orakei – Parking changes Kepa Road and Kupe Street, Orakei – Parking changes

Proposal status: Feedback closed 19 December 2019, last updated 20 April 2020

Reference number: RTV-278 

In December 2019, we proposed changes in your area

To improve parking availability, we proposed parking changes at 156-176 Kepa Road in Ōrākei. We responded to requests from residents and the Ōrākei Board to improve the parking turnover and availability for residents and visitors in the area. The proposed parking restrictions include P120 (2-hour) parking Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm; the exact locations are detailed in the drawing. We also propose to move the existing Mobility Parking space from opposite 176 Kepa Road to a more safe and convenient location along with providing an additional space closer to the shopping centre.

Download the proposal drawing for Kepa Road and Kupe Street (PDF 292KB) 

Proposal outcome

Based on feedback from the community, we have decided that this proposal will not proceed to the next stage. The majority of respondents did not support the proposal including several residents who would only like the changes if resident parking permits were provided.

Residential parking permits cannot be considered at this stage because Ōrākei does not meet the required criteria for residential parking permits. Under AT's Parking Strategy, residential parking permits are only available when a Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) is introduced. Because the majority of properties in this area have off-street parking, we are unable to consider an RPZ at this stage. Instead, AT's Parking Strategy recommends the localised time restrictions as outlined in this proposal.

Another piece of feedback from several respondents noted the problem of long-term parking has been resolved. The respondents explained that the area is working effectively for all users and is currently not being misused. We have revisited the site again in February 2020 and have noticed improved parking turnover and availability.

We will continue to monitor the area and, if required, review the parking usage next year. Thank you again to everyone who submitted feedback on this proposal. A summary of this feedback and answers to questions and concerns is below.

Community feedback

  • Numerous concerns that we are taking away the mobility parking space closest to the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association (RSA). We will retain the existing mobility parking restriction which is closer to the RSA.
  • Request to extend broken yellow lines on the main Kepa Road near the intersection of Kupe Street. Roadside businesses park in this green-triangle area blocking the view of cars trying to turn right from Kupe Street onto Kepa Road. Our Traffic Engineering Team has reported that there are no significant safety issues due to parked vehicles at this location as there are no recorded crashes related to vehicle parking on the road side. However, we will continue to monitor this location.
  • Request to change the current broken yellow lines parking area outside the Community Centre at 156 Kepa Road to normal unrestricted parking. The current restriction is confusing for both commercial and community users and is rarely used by anyone. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will remove the yellow box markings.

Next steps

We will continue to monitor the area and, if required, review the parking usage next year.

Please call us on (09) 448 7265 or email us to register to receive the proposal outcome and any further updates by email. We have also told everyone who provided feedback and requested email updates the outcome of this proposal.