Caldera Drive, Long Bay – Broken yellow lines Caldera Drive, Long Bay – Broken yellow lines

Proposal status: closed 25 July 2019, last updated 26 August 2019.

Reference number: BYL-402

We’ve proposed changes in your area

In July 2019, we proposed No stopping at all times (Broken Yellow Lines) parking restrictions on Caldera Drive in Long Bay. This involves the removal of approximately four car parks. 

Download the proposal drawing for Caldera Drive (PDF 228KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to maximise visibility between drivers manoeuvring through this blind corner.

Proposal outcome

The proposed Broken Yellow Lines will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being painted on the road. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Feedback received

Many of the respondents supported the proposal for Broken Yellow Lines. Respondents noted strong support for the proposal and had wanted the lines painted for a long time.

We are happy to hear that out proposal has been received positively by most of the community.

  • Request for speed calming measures. A respondent was concerned that the proposed parking restrictions would be ineffective because few people park there. They believe that speed calming restrictions would be more appropriate to slow traffic. The aim of this proposal is to improve visibility between drivers on a blind curve in the road where pedestrians often cross. We are not aware of any speeding issues but will now monitor speeds along this road. If our observations show that there is an increase in speeding as a result of Broken Yellow Lines we will investigate additional speed calming measures, such as speed humps.
  • Request for additional Broken Yellow Lines down the entire length of Caldera Drive. We will not be adding additional Broken Yellow Lines, because we do not want to encourage speeding. Cars parked on each side of the street create the impression of a narrow road thereby encouraging greater care when driving.
  • Request to frequently trim the bushes at the side of Caldera Drive. This request has been noted and passed onto our maintenance team.

Next steps

We plan to complete these works in the next six months, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.