Glenfield Road, Hillcrest - Parking restrictions Glenfield Road, Hillcrest - Parking restrictions

Proposal status: Feedback closed 30 August 2019, last updated 23 October 2019.

Reference number: BYL-400

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In August 2019 we proposed new parking restrictions on Glenfield Road in Hillcrest to improve the flow of traffic through to Eskdale Road. We proposed two options which responded to a request from the local community to address the issue of parked cars restricting the flow of southbound traffic on Glenfield Road.

Option 1: This proposal included painting broken yellow lines between property numbers 177 and 201.

Option 2: This proposal included creating a clearway between 201 and 187 active between 6:30am and 9:30am weekdays. Between 187 to 177 Glenfield Road broken yellow lines would be painted as it is close to the intersection at Eskdale Road.

Download both proposal drawing for Glenfield Road (PDF 536KB) 

Why the changes are needed

The changes are needed to improve traffic movement along Glenfield Road by preventing cars from parking in the southbound lane.

Proposal outcome

We are progressing with Option 1, installing broken yellow lines on Glenfield Road. We contacted 97 people in the community and asked them to indicate their support for an option.

Community feedback

Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and your concerns. We received 38 responses - the graph and table below outlines the number of responses we received from residents and key stakeholders.

Glenfield Road, Hillcrest - Parking restrictions feedback infographic

Feedback on options for parking restrictions
Support for Option 1 Support for Option 2 Either Option Neither
24 11 2 1

Most respondents supported Option 1, they stated that painting broken yellow lines would:

  • Improve visibility at all times of the day and night, by removing parked cars from the side of the road.
  • Reduce congestion outside of peak hours, by allowing traffic to operate in two lanes.
  • Allow for more effective public transport use, by allowing traffic to operate in two lanes.
  • Have a minimal impact on parking, as it is a low demand parking area and there are sufficient parks on western side of Glenfield Road.
  • Be more effective than clearways, as some would continue to park in a clearway regardless of the notices.

A summary of other feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Other feedback received

  • Concern that option 1, would limit access to carparks for their guests on weekends.
    Thank you for your feedback. We understand that access to on-street parking is important to the community and we are reluctant to remove it. However, we received support for option 1 for the broken yellow lines. We note that there is parking available on the cemetery side of the road. The broken yellow lines provide increased visibility for drivers at all times and ensure that traffic flow is better enabled outside of peak hours. We also note that some vehicles park partially on the footpath, during the day and overnight, to leave as much space as possible for traffic to get through. This restricts the space available for pedestrians, especially wheelchair users and parents with prams, to get through. Removal of parking at all times will improve safety of these pedestrians.
  • Concern that option 1 does not provide access for drop-offs, particularly for people who have reduced mobility.
    Again, thank you for this feedback. We encourage those with reduced mobility to use off-street parking even if making quick drop-offs or pick-ups. There is sufficient parking available on the cemetery side of the road which can be safely accessed via the nearby pedestrian crossing. We also expect that vehicles will be discouraged from parking on the footpath, thereby making it safer and more accessible for those with reduced mobility.

Next steps

These works are scheduled to be finished by February 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.