Wolsley Avenue, Milford - Broken yellow lines Wolsley Avenue, Milford - Broken yellow lines

Proposal status: Feedback closed 20 September 2019, last updated 22 October 2019.

Reference number: BYL-413

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In September 2019, we proposed to further extend the broken yellow lines parking restrictions on Wolsley Avenue, Milford.

Download the proposal drawing for Wolsley Avenue (PDF 158KB).

Why the changes are needed

Our proposal responded to requests from local residents and bus operators to address access issues for cars and buses near the East Coast Road intersection.

This section of road is quite narrow and parked vehicles can create a bottleneck for other vehicles trying to drive through. The proposed parking restrictions are expected to improve access for cars and buses turning into Wolsey Avenue and create extra queuing space for those exiting the street.

Proposal outcome

The proposed changes will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being painted on the road. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • We have received positive feedback noting the proposal would create a safer road for traffic and buses.
    Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear the proposal will improve the safety of residents and road users.
  • Concern the street is still too narrow, request for further restrictions along the south side of Wolsley Avenue, from the corner of East Coast Road right along to the bus stop.
    Wolsley Avenue is not considered a narrow street according to our standards. The road is wide enough to allow for parallel parking on each side of the road while still allowing a through lane. While parked vehicles may reduce the traffic flow to a single lane at times, there are several points where vehicles can pass such as driveways. Furthermore, parked vehicles can make the road appear narrow to drivers and this can encourage slower speeds which generally improves road safety. Due to these reasons, we will not be extending the proposed parking restrictions.
  • Please consider a similar proposal on Nile Road, between Gordon Avenue and Forrest Hill Road.
    We do not believe additional parking restrictions are required since there are existing parking restrictions on Nile Road opposite Gordon Avenue, around the corners and extending from the intersection with Forrest Hill Road.
  • Requests for broken yellow lines to be installed between Wolsley Avenue and Shakespeare Road.
    We do not believe additional parking restrictions are required since there are existing restrictions on East Coast Road extending approximately 20 metres from the intersection with Wolsley Avenue. This provides adequate visibility of oncoming traffic for drivers waiting to exit Wolsley Avenue.
  • Request for broken yellow lines on the southbound approach of East Coast Rd to Wolsley Avenue, to improve the safety of the right turn into Wolsley Avenue. When northbound traffic prevents this turn, and there are cars parked in the left lane, there is nowhere for the following southbound cars to go. Respondents notes several near incidents.
    There is an existing clearway on East Coast Road in the southbound direction during the morning peak. Southbound traffic can use the kerb side lane to drive past cars waiting to turn right onto Wolsley Avenue. Outside of the clearway hours, there are frequent gaps between northbound traffic for vehicles to safely turn right onto Wolsley Avenue. Additionally, there is a demand for parking along this section of East Coast Road given its close proximity to Milford Shopping Centre and other shops. Removing on-street parking at this location would not be beneficial. Therefore, we don’t believe parking restrictions are required on East Coast Road opposite the intersection.
  • Request for pedestrian facilities at the intersection, which is often used by children and elderly. Speeds are high, and there is a power pole blocking visibility. Request for a raised pedestrian crossing.
    We will count pedestrians at the intersection during school opening and closing times after the school holidays. If the pedestrian numbers justify the installation of a crossing facility, this upgrade might be considered in the future. However, the consideration of this request will not be incorporated in this project.
  • We also received multiple requests for additional broken yellow lines at different locations on Wolsley Avenue.
    We understand that on-street parking is valuable for residents and commuters. Therefore, when we consider installing parking restrictions, we try to reduce the loss of parking to a minimum and only install parking restrictions where it’s necessary to improve safety and access. Due to these reasons, we will not be installing additional parking restrictions.

Next steps

These works are planned before the end of March 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.