Covil Avenue, Te Atatu South - Broken yellow lines Covil Avenue, Te Atatu South - Broken yellow lines

Proposal status: closed 4 July 2019, last updated 14 August 2019.

Reference number: BYL-393

We've proposed changes in your area

We proposed new broken yellow lines from 2A to 4 Covil Avenue and outside 3 Covil Avenue in Te Atatu South.  

Download the proposal drawing for Covil Avenue (PDF 318KB)

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve access to the adjacent Te Atatu Fire Station. Currently, the fire station vehicles are experiencing difficulty manoeuvring through the access way on Covil Avenue.

Proposal outcome

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. This proposal will proceed with minor changes to the next stage of detailed planning. The changes include extending the parking restrictions on Covil Avenue in response to community feedback. A summary of this feedback and description of the changes is below.

Download the updated proposal drawing for Covil Avenue (PDF 553KB)

Feedback received

  • Respondents requested additional broken yellow lines in the following locations:
    • Between 1A Covil Avenue and 301 Te Atatu Road. Suggests this would improve access for the whole street as oversize vehicles currently park here.
    • Past number 2 to account for the small curve in the road.
    • Along the length of one side of the street, to avoid restricting traffic to a single lane further down the road. Especially given the small trucks and wide boat trailers that use the road to park.

As a result of this feedback we have decided to extend the proposed broken yellow lines, thereby removing the on-street parking space between 1A Covil Avenue and 301 Te Atatu Road in order to enable better access. We will not be extending the broken yellow lines in other areas because our measurements show that the width of the road is sufficient to allow vehicles to pass parked cars.

  • Respondents suggested that the traffic light phasing is very long and vehicles often speed up to try and catch the light if it is green. Limited visibility when coming out of the street makes this a hazard.

Thank you for your feedback, unfortunately we are unable to grant this request. The current phasing is necessary, as Covil Avenue is a minor road that intersects with a major arterial road.

Next steps

This work will happen by October 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.