Woodlands Park Road, Titirangi - Intersection upgrade and footpath Woodlands Park Road, Titirangi - Intersection upgrade and footpath

Proposal status: closed 28 November 2018, last updated 3 July 2019

Reference number: FP1617-034B

Proposal update updated 3 July 2019

In October 2018 we asked for community feedback on our proposal for a new footpath and pedestrian crossings on Woodlands Park Road in Titirangi.

We are currently in the process of redesigning the shape of the raised pedestrian crossings to minimize the discomfort that bus passengers might experience when driving over the raised tables. While these changes won’t be noticeable to people walking in the area or driving through in smaller vehicles, they will greatly benefit those using public transport.

While these works were scheduled for June 2019, as a result of this change to the design construction will now start in October. We will let you know if there are any further delays to our plans.

More details about the original consultation can be found below.

We've proposed changes in your area

We proposed a new footpath and intersection upgrades along Woodlands Park Road in Titirangi. The proposal involved a footpath from Boylan Road to Waima Crescent, three pram crossings, two raised pedestrian crossings, and slight narrowing of the roundabout. 

Download the proposal drawing for Woodlands Park Road (PDF 2.4MB)

Why the changes are needed

​The proposal fills a long standing gap in the existing footpath network, while simultaneously introducing speed-calming measures along Woodlands Park Road, improving pedestrian accessibility and road safety in the area. 

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed with minor changes to the next stage of detailed planning. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.

Feedback received

A summary of this feedback and answers to community questions and concerns:

  • This proposal received a majority of positive responses from community members and stakeholders who supported improved pedestrian facilities and speed management in the area.
  • We have received several requests for another crossing where the pedestrian refuge is, across from the Waima Reserve, or for one of the crossings at the roundabout to be moved to that location. We have re-evaluated the location of the crossings in this proposal and have decided to move the newly proposed crossing in front of 89 Woodlands Park Road further towards Boylan Road. This way there will be three crossings at equal intervals (one at the roundabout, one across the reserve, and one in-between).
    Comments regarding the safety of the existing refuge crossing has been passed to the appropriate team within Auckland Transport to action.
  • Request for a guardrail along the footpath opposite the park. The footpath there is very narrow, and it only takes one misstep for a kid to end up on the road. Guardrails are not regarded safe for pedestrians, as they could also have the opposite effect trapping pedestrians on the road. In addition, they are found to encourage speeding by giving a false sense of security for people in cars. We believe traffic speeds should be reduced by this proposal, due to the new location of the speed table (see above).
  • Enquiry for the central island of the roundabout be raised as currently cars fly straight over it. If we were to raise the central island, buses crossing this roundabout will be simultaneously turning around the island and mounting it. This is known to reduce passenger comfort and safety, especially when standing passengers are present. Speed calming measures on both sides of the roundabout should have the desired effect of calming traffic
  • Request to include more broken yellow lines along the roundabout where the Superette is located. People are parking dangerously close to the roundabout. Additional broken yellow lines will be included along the kerb between the roundabout and the diary as you have suggested.
  • Request to further extend broken yellow lines along Boylan Road. Broken yellow lines will be investigated here as part of the detail design to improve visibility at the crossing point across Boylan Road.
  • Request to ensure that there is proper signage. Road users approach this road at astonishing speeds and need to be warned of these crossings. Compliant warning signs are part of this design.
  • Request to please pave with oxidised concrete, which is standard for the Waitakere heritage area. This request will be included in the detailed design.
  • Request to address the many weeds on the public domain. The domain is not managed by Auckland Transport. Please contact the Auckland Council Parks department on 09 301 0101.
  • Request to ensure proper drainage due to the new kerb and channel on Scenic Drive which has drains that are now continually clogged with leaves. Proper drainage will be included as part of this proposal. This note regarding Scenic Drive has been passed to the appropriate team at Auckland Transport to investigate.
  • Suggestion to see a similar treatment of the Woodlands Park and Huia Road intersection due to a desperate need for raised crossings there, as there are many kids crossing this high speed road. This suggestion has been passed to the appropriate team within Auckland transport for further investigation.
  • Request for a footpath on 222 to 232 Huia Road and has been requested many times with council/local board. Any footpath segments previously requested will be already be on our footpath prioritisation list, particularly if they were local board requests. We have ten segments of footpath requested along Huia Road.
  • Comment that a footpath does not serve any goal due to a footpath that already exists across the road. Footpath enables a wider range of walking trips by not requiring people to cross the road. In addition, crossing the road requires walking a longer distance which can deter people, particularly vulnerable age groups, from making trips by foot. 
    Our regional footpath programme aims to increase walkability by building places to walk within the road corridor that are free from motor traffic. Walking improves health and reduces the incentive to use motor vehicles for short trips. It also provides access for those who do not have access to or are unable to operate a vehicle.

Next steps

This work will start in October, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.