New and unique bus shelters for Waiheke

Auckland Transport has got together with the Waiheke Local Board and Mana Whenua to design new bus shelters for Waiheke that will have a unique look for the island.

Josh Hyland, Delivery Manager for AT says that when new shelters were being planned for the island, it was important they had a similar look and feel to those already there. “These new shelters will feature the recognisable red and green colour scheme, with macrocarpa timber details. The glass panels on the shelters will have unique art that double as protection against graffiti”.

The Waiheke Local Board received more than 30 submissions from local artists keen to see their artwork on the new shelters. The Waiheke Local Board says that “the concepts for the shelters are a wonderful mix of Waiheke’s character, its cultural heritage and its commitment to our place in the Hauraki Gulf. The designs submitted were both skilful and thoughtful.”

After a lot of consideration, local artist Sally Smith’s design “Tiaki Tīkapa Moana - Nurture the Hauraki Gulf/Tīkapa Moana” was chosen.

“Living on an island means that whatever we put down our stormwater drains, eventually ends up in the sea that surrounds us. I designed this work to remind us of the richness, yet fragility of the marine life that resides around our coastline so that we may be more conscious about what we allow to end up in the ocean.” says Sally Smith.

Waiheke Mana Whenua were also involved with the project and agreed on their design based on a carving by Ngāti Paoa artist Michael Paki. The design features a Ngāti Paoa narrative that will be featured on the front panel of the bus shelters.

The first of the bus shelters with the new artwork is scheduled to be installed on Palm Road near Palm Beach this week and will be blessed by Ngāti Paoa once in place.

Waiheke bus stop