Kent Street, Newmarket – Approved Shared Vehicles parking space Kent Street, Newmarket – Approved Shared Vehicles parking space

Proposal status: Feedback closed 21 November 2019, last updated 16 October 2020

Reference number: RTV-269

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We are proposing a new ‘Approved Shared Vehicles’ parking space on Kent Street in Newmarket. This involves changing a paid parking space into a parking space that can only be used by a vehicle that’s part of an approved shared vehicle scheme.

Find out more about the benefits of shared vehicle schemes.

Earlier this year we asked for community feedback on our proposal for an ‘Approved Shared Vehicles’ parking space on Teed Street in Newmarket. We have listened to community concerns regarding the need to keep paid parking spaces on Teed Street. Our newly proposed Kent Street location is recommended by the Newmarket Business Association.

Download the proposal drawing for Kent Street (PDF 312KB) 

These changes are part of a bigger transport plan

Shared vehicles are part of our long-term vision to give Aucklanders a range of transport choices. Choices that are good for their health – like walking and biking – and public transport options that help reduce pollution and get people moving across our city.

Shared vehicle schemes let people rent vehicles by the hour. We believe shared vehicles are a good idea for Auckland because they:

  • give people who don’t own a car or van a way to use one when they need one
  • give people other ways to get to where they want to go
  • help people to walk, bike or catch public transport more often.

How the shared vehicle space will benefit residents and businesses in Newmarket:

People use shared vehicles for personal and business journeys. The shared vehicle parking space will make it easier for residents and businesses trading near Newmarket to park or collect a shared vehicle and go shopping or do business.

City Hop is currently the only authorised shared vehicle service in Auckland. Customers can pick up a car or van from a shared vehicle parking space and pay by the hour. For further information about this service, please visit City Hop’s website. When other shared vehicle services are authorised by AT, they’ll also be able to use dedicated parking spaces around the city.

Proposal outcome

The proposed changes will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before the parking lines are painted. Thank you everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

We received positive feedback noting the proposal would offer improved car-sharing services in Newmarket. Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear the proposal will support alternative travel choices.

  • Concern parking demand in this area is too high and will only make it more congested and negatively impact businesses. We understand the parking demand is high in the area and by introducing a car share space should not be impacted. Instead, it will provide alternative travel choices. Research shows car share members are more likely to use public transport and other transport modes. Car share spaces provide an alternate travel choice to the customer which help local businesses.
  • Suggests the area already has enough travel choices within walking distances including buses and train. International and local research has shown people who are members of car sharing schemes are also more likely to use public transport, walk and cycle. Because of these benefits we feel it is appropriate to support these types of schemes.
  • Suggests other locations such as Khyber Pass (next to the electric charging space) or Crowhurst Street. The spaces that we proposed were discussed with car share operators who currently provide this service. New spaces are being continually proposed where there is demand. Both Khyber Pass and Crowhurst Street have not come up in our discussion.

Next steps

These works were planned for April 2020, but implementation has been put on hold until further notice