Bradbury and Union Road intersection, Botany Downs – Raised zebra crossings Bradbury and Union Road intersection, Botany Downs – Raised zebra crossings

Proposal status: Feedback closed 2 March 2020, updated 14 September 2021.

Reference number: RSU1920-028

Proposal update

We advised you in April 2020 that the crossing upgrade work was scheduled to be constructed by March 2021.  

Unfortunately, construction of this project did not go ahead due to the impact of COVID-19 on our funding last year. We have now rescheduled the construction of this project to begin this 2021/22 financial year, ending in June 2022.   

Next steps

This project now has a target of commencing before June 2022. We’ll write to you again with more detail about the commencement of works.

We've proposed changes in your area

In February 2020, we proposed changes in your area.

We are proposing to convert two existing pedestrian crossings to raised zebra crossings at the intersection of Botany Road, Bradbury Road and Union Road in Botany Downs.

These changes are needed to improve the safety of people walking by providing safe crossing facilities on the approach to Howick Intermediate School, where most people want to cross.

These improvements are part of a region-wide programme to improve the safety of existing pedestrian crossings at key locations such as schools.

Download the proposal drawing for Bradbury and Union Road intersection (PDF 2.4MB)

Proposal outcome

We have made minor changes to the design based on community feedback. The new design includes an additional 5 advanced warning signs to be installed.

Download the updated proposal drawing for Bradbury and Union Road intersection (PDF 2.7MB)

Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • Concern that both crossings are too close to the intersection and will increase congestion and potential for rear-end collisions.
    The primary objective of these proposed works is to improve safety for people, particularly children, at this intersection. The further the raised zebra crossing is from the roundabout, the less likely it is to be used. Existing driveways, visibility for people and drivers, traffic build up and the amount of space needed for vehicles to safely turn at the intersection have all been taken into account when selecting the position of the raised zebra crossing. We are confident that the proposed crossings will operate safely.
  • Concern the crossing on Botany Road is too close to the intersection and will cause increased congestion.
    The proposed raised zebra crossing will require drivers to give way to pedestrians where they did not have to before. There is enough space for two cars to wait clear of the roundabout. The highest demand for this crossing will generally only be for brief periods before the beginning of the school day, and shortly after the school day. Any effects on traffic flow are likely to be short lived.
  • Concern the crossing on Bradbury Road is too close to the roundabout and will cause either a collision or traffic to back up onto the roundabout.
    The proposed raised zebra crossing is in the same location as the existing school patrolled crossing. The highest demand for people using this crossing will be at around the same time as the school patrolled crossing is currently operated, so the traffic effects are not likely to be noticeably different compared to the current situation.
  • Requests for additional crossing between 38 Botany Road and 2 Bradbury road and on Union Street.
    We have observed demand for crossing at these locations is low and not currently needed. We will commence investigation for a crossing facility at these locations and programme them in for future work.
  • Request for the raised crossing on Botany Road to be the other side of the roundabout (to between 38 Botany Road and 2 Bradbury Road).
    During site surveys, we observed that there is a high demand for crossing Botany Road to the north of the roundabout. The demand for crossing at the suggested alternative place was low. Relocating the Botany Road raised zebra crossing may result in the crossing not being used by people, as it is in a less convenient location for their journey.
  • Request for traffic lights instead of a raised table due to concern the raised bumps will increase traffic congestion and a non-controlled stream of people would make it unsafe.
    Signalised pedestrian crossings would likely create more traffic congestion as drivers would be stopped for longer. At a zebra crossing, drivers would only need to pause briefly for the period it takes the pedestrian to cross the road. At peak school times, there may be greater delay for drivers, however this will be brief. Raised zebra crossings are also safer for people where there is only one lane of traffic in each direction as they have priority and drivers are forced to slow down. At a signalised crossing, drivers can still travel at higher speeds, so the consequence of a crash would be higher.
  • Query if Bradbury Road crossing is necessary as there is a manned pedestrian crossing during school hours.
    The existing school patrolled crossing is level. The proposed raised zebra crossing will slow drivers down, which will improve safety for school children and other people using this crossing, at all times of day.
  • Query if there will there be any sign on Botany Road to say there is a zebra crossing just around the corner.
    The turn from the southern Botany Road approach to the roundabout in to Bradbury Road is very tight. Drivers have to slow right down to undertake this turn. When drivers get to the top of the turn, where the zebra crossing will be in sight, they will be going slow enough to safely stop at the limit line.
    However, we will install advanced warning signs on the approaches to both speed tables on Botany Road and Bradbury Road. These signs will be in addition to the warning signs at the raised tables.
  • Question about how the children who need to go down Botany Road or Union Road would safely get to their streets without going the roundabout way.
    Children walking between the Howick Intermediate school and Union Road can cross at the northern Botany Road crossing then continue in either direction. Children walking between the school and the southern Botany Road approach can cross at the Bradbury Road crossing then continue in either direction. These two routes are relatively direct. During site observations and surveys, the demand for pedestrians crossing Union Road and the southern Botany Road approach was recorded as being very low.
  • Request to extend broken yellow lines (no stopping at all times) past 11 Bradbury Road to help exiting nearby driveways.
    The existing broken yellow lines are adequate to ensure good visibility from the new raised zebra crossing. The raised crossing will slow cars down as they pass 11 Bradbury Road, making it safer to drive in and out of the property.