Changes to bus and mobility parking at Matiatia, Waiheke confirmed

Auckland Transport (AT) is making some changes to improve bus parking and mobility parking at Matiatia ferry terminal, Waiheke.

The changes will help to manage issues caused by the inappropriate use of the mobility parks closest to the ferry terminal.

The changes cover two areas of the drop-off space and the keyhole, and parking restrictions have now been put in place.

 Two mobility parks – one in the first turnaround area and one in the keyhole – have been converted to P2 (two-minute) parking.

 Richard La Ville, Operations Manager for Waiheke, says the new P2 signage was installed on 5 February 2021. Enforcement is being applied.

 ”After many conversations and extensive feedback from the community and local board, AT has implemented these changes to create a safer and more equitable environment for the public and transport providers.

 “Bus parking weight restrictions have also been applied to prevent smaller vehicles, that comply with the definition of a bus, using bus stop facilities adjacent to the terminal as a taxi rank.

 “These bus stops are intended for use by scheduled public transport service operators and larger pre-booked buses.”

 Mr La Ville says only buses with a weight limit greater than 5,000kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) are entitled to use the bus parking at all times.

 This restriction applies to all bus parking areas in the keyhole and includes the scheduled public transport buses.

 New signage and amended line marking is due to be installed today, Friday 19 February 2021.

 Additional parking compliance and safety cameras have been installed in the keyhole - to cover the bus parking area. Remote enforcement of the parking controls are operational.