New Network for South Auckland New Network for South Auckland

On Sunday 30 October 2016, all bus services in South Auckland (including Pukekohe and Waiuku) changed when the New Network was launched.

What has changed

Auckland Transport (AT) rolled out the southern New Network on Sunday 30 October 2016. This means:

  • New bus routes.
  • New bus numbers.
  • New timetables – new start times and finish times.
  • New information at bus stops.
  • Some people will need to connect with another bus or train to complete their journey.


  • Simpler – a simpler network makes public transport a more attractive and easier option for a wider range of activities, as well as new or one-off trips.
  • Frequent – more buses are running more frequently throughout the day, 7am – 7pm, 7 days a week. Buses are operating outside the hours 7am to 7pm, but at reduced frequencies.
  • Choice – with fares introduced in August, you’re able to take advantage of connecting to more destinations.

Find out more about the principles of the New Network and how it changes the way you use public transport.

Getting to and from the city

For many people, trips to and from the city will now need to be made by train. Only these bus services will run from South Auckland all the way into central Auckland:

  • Māngere – 309 and limited peak service 309x.
  • Papakura – 360x limited peak-only motorway express service.
  • Ōtāhuhu – 322 in peak periods Monday to Friday and after last trains Monday to Thursday along Great South Rd.

Otherwise, if you are travelling to and from the city you will need to take a local bus to a train station and transfer to a train. From the city, take a train to your local station and transfer to a local bus.

Trains on the Southern and Eastern Lines run every 10 minutes during peak times, Monday to Friday.

Find out more about train times and train services.

How to get to Symonds St and city university campuses

  • Take the train to Britomart then take one of the frequent buses that travel via Symonds St.
  • Take the train to Newmarket then take one of the frequent buses that travel via Symonds St.
  • The 309 and the 309x bus service from Mangere travels to the city via Symonds St and Karangahape Rd.
  • The 322 and 360x peak bus services also travel via Symonds St and Anzac Ave.

Changes to other central Auckland services

Some other central Auckland bus routes that connect at Panmure, Sylvia Park, Ōtāhuhu, and Onehunga are affected by the southern New Network changes, particularly bus routes that travel along Tamaki Drive, Mt Wellington Highway, and Manukau Road.  

Get more details about timetable changes to eastern bays, Mt Wellington, and Manukau Rd services.

New route maps

All bus routes in South Auckland, Pukekohe, and Waiuku changed on Sunday 30 October 2016.

Download the new maps showing all bus routes

New bus route maps

Buses that go to Middlemore Hospital, Auckland City Hospital and Greenlane Hospital

The 283 has been renumbered to 321. The Hospitals 321 goes to Middlemore Hospital, Ōtāhuhu, Great South Rd to Ellerslie Station, Greenlane Clinical Centre, Auckland Hospital, and Britomart.

Download the route map for 321 Middlemore, Hospitals, Britomart (Monday to Friday only) (PDF 266KB).

  • Auckland Hospital options - From Newmarket or Britomart you can catch one of the many buses that go past the hospital
  • Middlemore Hospital options - There are frequent trains to Middlemore Hospital. Catch a bus to your local train station and transfer to a train.
  • From Māngere - the 326 will take you to Gray Ave on the Māngere side of Middlemore Station.
  • From Otara - take the 575.
  • From Ōtāhuhu - take the 321 Hospitals bus.

Bus to Auckland International Airport, Auckland Domestic Terminal and the airport precinct

  • The 380 Airporter runs every 30 minutes, 7 days a week.
  • The Airporter stops at the International and Domestic terminals and elsewhere in the airport precinct.
  • It also links Manukau, Papatoetoe Station, Māngere Town Centre and Onehunga.

Download the route map for 380 Onehunga, Māngere Town Centre, Airport, Papatoetoe, Manukau (PDF 293KB).

Buses that travel via Ōtāhuhu Station, Ōtāhuhu Town Centre, Sylvia Park

  • Ōtāhuhu Station will become a key connection point for buses and trains.
  • All buses to and from the station will also serve the town centre.
  • Travel to the city by train or the limited, peak-only service 322 along Great South Rd.
  • A new Frequent bus 32 between Sylvia Park and Ōtāhuhu will run along Mt Wellington Highway.

Route maps:

Buses that travel via Māngere and Māngere Bridge

  • New Frequent buses from Māngere Town Centre:
    • 31 to Papatoetoe, Otara and, Botany.
    • 32 to Ōtāhuhu Station, Ōtāhuhu Town Centre, and Sylvia Park
  • Other local buses from Māngere Town Centre: 313, 324, 324
  • A new bus for Boggust Park, Favona to Ōtāhuhu: 324
  • Buses between Onehunga and Māngere Town Centre via Māngere Bridge: 309, 313, 380
  • The 380 Airporter between Onehunga, Māngere Bridge, Māngere Town Centre, Airport, Papatoetoe and Manukau remains.
  • NiteRider N10 from the city via Manukau Rd and Onehunga.

Route maps:

Buses that travel via Onehunga

  • The 309 travels to the city via Pah Rd and Manukau Rd. Other bus options to the city include the 302 and 312 via Royal Oak.
  • Levels of service will be similar to what currently operates on these roads.
  • The 392 has been renumbered to 390.

Route maps:

Buses that travel via Papatoetoe, Hunters Corner, Puhinui

  • New Frequent services: 31, 33.
  • New journey to the city is by train. The Frequent 31 connects at Papatoetoe Station.
  • Bus options to Manukau include the 313 bus via Puhinui, and the Airporter 380, or by the Eastern Line train.
  • NiteRider N11 from the city to Papakura via Great South Rd.

Route maps:

Buses that travel via Otara, Highbrook, East Tamaki, Flat Bush, Botany

  • A new Frequent 31 bus for travel towards Papatoetoe Station and Māngere or in the other direction East Tamaki and Botany.
  • New journey to the city is by train. To get to Papatoetoe Station take the Frequent 31 bus. Another option is the 325 to Ōtāhuhu Station.
  • New bus journeys to Manukau. The 325 travels via Chapel Downs. The other is the 361 by Tui Rd, and Great South Rd.

Route maps:

Buses that travel via Manukau, Clover Park, Manukau Heights, Wiri

  • Manukau will become a central hub for South Auckland buses.
  • A new Frequent 33 Great South Rd service
  • The only buses that will still use the stops outside Westfield Shopping Centre on Leyton Way are the Airporter 380 and long-distance coaches.
  • All other buses will stop near Manukau Station and Davies Ave, until the new bus station is built.
  • A new peak only circuit 368/369 between Manukau and Wiri Industrial area.
  • A new limited peak only service 352 to the East Tamaki Industrial area.

Route maps

Buses that travel via Manurewa, Clendon, The Gardens, Randwick Park

  • Bus stops outside Southmall and Northcrest Shops on Great South Rd will close. All buses will now use the bus stops at the Manurewa train and bus station behind Southmall.
  • Wattle Downs service 363 will only go to Manurewa and not to Manukau. To get to Manukau, change onto the Frequent bus 33 at Manurewa.
  • New Porchester Rd bus 365 to Randwick Park, Takanini Station, and Papakura.

Route maps:

Buses that travel via Papakura, Takanini

  • New Frequent Great South Rd 33 service.
  • Travel to the city is by train. The only bus option to the city is the limited, peak-only motorway express service 360x.
  • New Porchester Rd 365 service.
  • New Cosgrave Rd 371 service.
  • New Karaka Harbourside 378 service.
  • Keri Hill 372, Red Hill 373 and Rosehill/Pahurehure 377 will travel through the town centre and connect at the train station. Travel onwards is either by train or the Frequent Great South Rd 33 service.
  • Bus service 376 retained between Papakura and Drury.

Route maps:

NiteRider services

After midnight, the NiteRider is an easy way to get home after a Friday or Saturday night out in the city.

  • N10 Manukau Rd to Onehunga, Māngere, Papatoetoe and Otara.
  • N11 Great South Rd service, Ōtāhuhu, Hunters Corner, Manukau, Manurewa and Papakura.

Route maps

Late-night buses

The 322 bus service has 2 late-night trips, Monday to Thursday, after the last trains. It travels in both directions between the city and Ōtāhuhu along Great South Rd.

Buses that travel via Pukekohe, Waiuku, Tuakau, Port Waikato


  • 3 new loop bus routes running every 30 minutes, seven days a week.
  • Pukekohe local loop services will serve the town centre, shopping area and connect with train services at the station.
  • A limited bus service from Pukekohe to Wesley College/Paerata.
  • Removal of bus services between Paerata and Papakura.


  • A peak weekday Waiuku to Papakura service which will go via Kingseat. This is the same route as the current 479.
  • A new route between Waiuku and Pukekohe, seven days a week.
  • The Waiuku bus route 396 was planned to run via the Glenbrook Vintage Railway station during opening hours. However a suitable solution for buses to stop and turn around at Glenbrook Station is still being explored. In the meantime it will be possible to travel on the 396 bus to reach the Waiuku end of the Glenbrook Vintage Railway.

Tuakau and Port Waikato buses

The 476 has been renumbered to 398 and the 50 has been renumbered to 399. These buses will now all travel via Massey Ave and end at Pukekohe Station. Travel to Papakura or the city will be by train. These buses have had some time changes to better fit with the train timetable.

Route maps:

Moving to a more-connected network

Auckland’s current public transport network is complex, and many routes operate infrequently. With the help of thousands of customers who participated in the consultations held over the last 3 years, we have redesigned the network across the whole of Auckland – something that has never been done on this scale before.

A more connected network means we can make services much more frequent using the same number of buses, although more journeys will require a bus-to-bus or bus-to-train transfer. Improved bus frequencies, more direct routes, Simpler Fares and new bus stations at Ōtāhuhu, Manukau and Pukekohe will help make it easier for people to connect.

Information brochures

Download the southern New Network brochure (PDF 2.81MB)

Read this information in:

Accessible documents

Consultation process

South Auckland

In 2013, between June and August, we carried out a public consultation on proposals to change bus services in South Auckland. More than 1100 submissions were received. Of the 28 bus routes we proposed, 20 were changed. More than half of submitters were in support of the changes.

In December 2014, the final bus network was confirmed.

Pukekohe and Waiuku

In 2014, between September and October, we carried out a public consultation on proposals to change bus services in Pukekohe and Waiuku. Overall, we received 939 responses. People were able to respond to proposed changes for both areas. 91% of the 643 respondents for Pukekohe supported the proposals and 95% of the 542 respondents for Waiuku supported the proposals too.

In April 2015, the final bus network was confirmed.

Projects to support the southern New Network

We have a number of projects on the go to support the way the New Network will operate in South Auckland.

Ōtāhuhu Station

A new high-quality, modern bus station next to the Ōtāhuhu train station was opened on Sunday 30 October. Connecting to another bus or train is now much easier with this new bus facility. Find out more about the Ōtāhuhu Station project.

Ōtāhuhu town centre

All new bus services will continue to travel to the town centre. South Auckland buses will no longer stop at the bus depot. Instead buses will stop on Avenue Road a few metres away from the bus depot.

New bus stops and bus shelters have been built on both sides of Avenue Road, retaining a familiar bus stop location for existing passengers.

Manukau bus station

Manukau will become a central hub for South Auckland buses and the new 23-bay bus station will connect bus users to trains and other buses.

The only buses that will continue to use the stops outside Westfield Shopping Centre on Leyton Way are the Airporter 380 and long-distance coaches. All other buses will stop near the Manukau Train Station until the new bus station is completed.

Find out more about the Manukau bus station project.

Pukekohe Station

Construction of the fully-integrated bus and train station at Pukekohe, including a park and ride facility, a pedestrian overbridge between the rail station and interchange, and improvements to the intersection of Manukau Road, Harris Road and Custom Street, is underway. Find out more about the Pukekohe Station project.

Simpler Fares

Simpler Fares, a new fare system for all bus and train services was introduced on 14 August 2016.

With an AT HOP card, you pay for one entire journey from A to B, instead of paying for each bus or train separately. Tag on and off each bus or train, and simply count the number of zones you travel through to work out your fare.

During your journey you can use up to 5 buses or trains within 4 hours, with a maximum transfer time of 30 minutes between each trip. The new zone map has 13 zones, and fares are calculated according to the number of zones travelled through for the entire journey.

Find out more about the fare system.

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