Glen Eden Town Centre safety improvements Glen Eden Town Centre safety improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is committed to improving the safety of all road users around Glen Eden village.

Project status: Completed
Project zone: West

Project overview

Glen Eden is a growing suburb that has a town centre bursting with potential and excellent links to the city. As a result, more people are choosing to live there, and to move about on foot.

To make the town centre safer for people on foot and easier for people to move around in cars, Auckland Transport is making a number of improvements. The improvements are mostly planned for West Coast Road and Captain Scott Road. However, some other streets will also see improvements.

Tiakitanga: safe with us

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving.

There have been number of injury and non-injury crashes at various locations in Glen Eden, particularly along West Coast Road Captain Scott Road but also the town centre’s side streets.

In the period 2014-2018, there were 6 serious and 20 minor injury crashes on West Coast Road between Captain Scott Road and Glendale Road. The data we have to date for 2019, shows 1 serious and 3 minor injury crashes. The serious crash involved a vehicle and a pedestrian.

Auckland Transport takes a Vision Zero approach to road safety. It acknowledges that people, no matter how well trained or skilled, will make mistakes. The transport system must be designed, built and operated in a way that a mistake does not mean that you lose your life or are seriously injured.


Auckland Transport is aware of the vital role that business will play in the recovery of our economy, post COVID-19 Alert Levels 3 and 4. We will work with the Glen Eden Business Association, and non-member businesses, to minimise the impact of the work on them.


We consulted on most of these pedestrian safety improvements in August and September 2018.

Read more about the consultation and the feedback we received.

Improvements added since the 2018 consultation

Following feedback received during the 2018 consultation, Auckland Transport revised the number of speed tables on West Coast Road. Only two of the originally proposed speed tables will now be installed.

A new raised speed table, which was not part of the original consultation, is proposed for the intersection of Janet Clews Place and West Coast Road.

Other feedback received in 2018, told us that the Glendale Road/Oates Road intersection is unsafe. Furthermore, there was feedback about the lack of crossing facilities at this location. Auckland Transport has investigated options to redesign this intersection and is proposing a roundabout at this location. Raised zebra crossings are being proposed on the northern Glendale Road approach and on Oates Road.

A final addition to the project – a new set of traffic lights with pedestrian crossing immediately to the north of the level crossing on Glenview Road – was requested by KiwiRail. The traffic lights at this new location will be co-ordinated with the lights on West Coast Road and will provide pedestrian connections between the newly built apartments and schools/train station, as well as making the level crossing safer for people in cars.

Design change – outside 172-178 West Coast Road

Auckland Transport is having to make a minor change to the design of the West Coast Road pedestrian safety improvements outside 172 – 178 West Coast Road. Businesses in this location include Construction Management Group, Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church, and F45 Training Glen Eden.

The design includes a 0.5 metre increase in the width of the recessed parking bay. This will result in the footpath being narrowed to a width of 1.3 metres within the road reserve.

We are working with the Waitākere Ranges Local Board to find a solution. We are proposing to remove the one parking space outside these businesses, which will allow the footpath to be widened.

The location is immediately east of Dentalcare West at 182 West Coast Road. AT has discussed the change with immediately affected businesses.

Other minor changes made since the 2018 consultation

  • Some minor changes have been made at the intersection of Glenview Road and West Coast Road. The crosswalk line has been adjusted to better align with future development within the town centre.
  • The zebra crossing and the bus stop outside the Glen Eden Train Station will also be upgraded and there will be some minor changes to the parking and layout of the carpark.


  • The improvements will slow traffic so that pedestrians can cross more safely.
  • Provide more and safer opportunities for pedestrians to cross roads.


The work started on 11 January and is expected to take until mid-June to be completed.

We will be working on two intersections or locations at any one time. The time frames for each stage of the programme are as follows:

  • Janet Clews Place – mid-January to early February
  • Glendale Road – mid-January to late February
  • Glenview Road – early February to late March
  • Bowers Road – late February to late March
  • Captain Scott Road – late March to late April
  • The intersection of Glendale Road and Oates Road – late March to early May
  • Captain Scott and Oates Road roundabout – late April to early June
  • West Coast Road railway upgrade – early May to mid-June
  • West Coast Road speed table – mid-June to mid-June

* Timeframes are subject to change due to unexpected circumstances and/or adverse weather conditions.

Project details


West Coast Road (WCR) and Captain Scott Road (CSR) will be the focus of the work with smaller pieces of work happening on side streets.

Included in the work is (please see the map below for more detail):

  • The intersection of WCR/Glendale Road
    • The intersection will be raised with high friction surfacing to help slow traffic and pedestrian crossings will be added on each arm. Small changes to the footpath and driveway adjacent to the intersection.
  • WCR/Glenview Road
    • The left-turn slip lane out of Glenview Road will be removed and signalised crossings will be added to all approaches. A coloured surfacing / roadway artwork is proposed at the intersection. Pedestrians will have an exclusive pedestrian phase, i.e. pedestrians from all sides will cross together, and a countdown timer will be added.
    • The right-turn bay on WCR will be extended.
    • This is also the location of the proposed new set of traffic lights on the northern side of the level crossing (as requested by KiwiRail). It will include a crossing facility that will provide connections between the newly built apartments and schools/train station.
  • Recessed bus stop outside the train station on WCR
    • Minor improvement works will improve the bus stop and the access to the train station car park.
    • Minor parking changes will be made.
  • WCR / Captain Scott
    • Installing a raised mid-block signalised crossing on West Coast Road.
    • Removing the right turn into and left turn out of Captain Scott Road, which will make Captain Scott Road between WCR and Glenmall Place one way, southbound.
  • WCR between Captain Scott and Bowers
    • Removing the short, recessed bay near Bowers Road and widening the one near Captain Scott Road.
  • WCR/Bowers Road
    • A colour treatment will be added at this intersection.
    • The left-turn slip lane will be removed.
    • Pedestrian crossings will be added on all approaches.
  • Outside 110 WCR
    • The existing signalised mid-block pedestrian crossing will have colour treatment added.
  • WCR/Janet Clews Place
    • A raised intersection is proposed to be added here.
  • Captain Scott Road
    • The start of CSR will be changed to one way only (southbound) between WCR and Glenmall, this will allow for four parallel parks on western side to be changed to 9 angle parks.
    • Two new raised zebra crossings will be added at the approach to roundabout near #16 Captain Scott Rd and at the approach to roundabout near #21 Oates Road.
    • The right-turn from WCR onto CSR will be removed.
  • Oates Road/CSR
    • Minor improvements will be made and 3 crossing added to the existing roundabout.
  • Oates Road/Glendale Road
    • A new roundabout is proposed to be added here with pedestrian crossings on two approaches to the roundabout.
  • Lighting upgrade.

Download the combined General Plans for Glen Eden Town Centre safety improvements (PDF 3.5MB)

Other things happening in Glen Eden Town Centre

Pop-up cycleway

In another project being led by the Waitākere Ranges Local Board, a pop-up cycleway is planned to travel from the Savoy Road shared path, to Captain Scott Road and on to West Coast Road. This is part of Waka Kotahi’s Innovating Streets for People programme, which aims to make it faster and easier to turn our streets into safer and more liveable spaces.

The Glen Eden pop up cycleway will be designed in partnership with the community, and then tested by locals. The temporary changes to the street and surrounding public space will include a separated cycleway, as described above, and may incorporate other interventions such as street art, signage and activation events. Following feedback from the local community and onsite observations, amendments can be made to test out options for permanent change in future.

Work started on 26th May and it will stay in place for up to 12 months.

For more information on this project

Contact Auckland Transport