Kelmarna Avenue, Ponsonby - Raised zebra crossing Kelmarna Avenue, Ponsonby - Raised zebra crossing

Proposal status: closed 6 November 2018

Reference number: MIP1819-067

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We are proposing to install a new raised pedestrian crossing on Kelmarna Avenue in Ponsonby. 

Download the proposal drawing for Kelmarna Avenue (PDF 536KB)

Why the changes are needed

This crossing point is in high demand given its location next to the Marist School Herne Bay, and there is a lack of appropriate crossing points nearby. These changes will improve pedestrian safety in the area. 

The proposal also includes a raised table on Hukanui Crescent, which aims to help calm traffic before entering the bend, making it easier for cars to stop for the zebra in time. Some changes to signage and road markings are included in the design. 

Proposal outcome

This project will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. A summary of this feedback and answers to community questions and concerns is below.

Feedback received

  • This proposal received welcoming and positive responses from community members and stakeholders, speaking out in support of this much needed speed calming and road safety measure.
  • Suggestion that this will remove street parking for school pick-up/drop-off and residents of the 79 unit block, creating an awkward situation on the road at the start and end of school.
    The new crossing will promote active modes of transport for both residents and school pupils. By providing a safe crossing, parents will be able to park further away allowing children to walk to school. We have received high volumes of positive feedback from parents, including those saying that they will now feel safe enough to allow their children to walk to school. It can be expected that less vehicles will be trying to get a park here in the morning. Second to this, the parking removal is required to meet visibility standards for this crossing.
  • To mitigate, suggestion that we move the crossing to the diagonal and in that way there’s only one table needed as it can be seen from both directions, and pedestrians can see cars approaching from both sides.
    It is not good practice to install a speed table on a bend, as this creates a hazard for motorcyclists. Uneven road surface along with differences in surface friction around a bend can result in motorcyclists losing control and crashing. Additionally, this change would not result in street parking being retained. The crossing distance in the bend would be longer, so more visibility (and crossing time) would be required. Second to that, due to the increased distance between the traffic calming measures, vehicles would be approaching the crossing at higher speeds. This means extra parking removal would be required to achieve minimum visibility requirements.
  • Request to have a crossing on the proposed raised table on Hukanui Crescent instead as there is already the chicane on Kelmarna to slow cars down before the bend.
    The chicane on Kelmarna Avenue is too far away from the bend to provide proper calming. Higher vehicle speeds mean that additional speed calming would be needed, and/or more visibility would need to be provided. Both will lead to additional parking removal on Kelmarna Avenue, as well as parking removal on Hukanui Crescent where the crossing would be. Putting a raised crossing onto Hukanui Crescent would a larger total of parking space removal, as there already are existing restrictions on Kelmarna Avenue which the current proposal makes use of.
  • Request to put the crossing on the Kelmarna Avenue Chicane instead.
    This would create visibility concerns with the chicane being located over the brow of the hill and would create the need for additional speed calming on Kelmarna Avenue before the crossing to achieve visibility and safe stopping distance requirements, whilst also moving the crossing away from the desire path.
  • Mention that people are driving down the hill with tremendous speed and question whether there will be appropriate signage well ahead of the crossing.
    There will be advanced warning signage provided on both approaches to crossing.
  • Request to add flashing belisha beacons.
    We will be using reflective belisha disks for the crossing which meet our standards for zebra crossings.
  • Suggestion we put sharrows (bike markings) on the road to create more cyclist awareness.
    Sharrows are used on cycle feeder routes to main cycle routes. As Kelmarna Avenue is not currently a cycle feeder route, we are unable to justify installing sharrows. We will reconsider this if the situation changes.
  • This is a cut-through with lots of speeding cars and request we turn this into a 30 or 40 zone at all times, or during school hours.
    We have a separate tranche of works addressing speed management issues. This proposal aims to provide a new pedestrian amenity. Although it’s not a dedicated speed management project, we do intend for the proposed traffic calming measures, along with the existing, to slow vehicles down to safer speeds.
  • Question whether it is possible to fit a buffer in the bend, so cars turning into the school’s drive can use don’t block the road while waiting for oncoming traffic.
    There is a median flush in the bend which can be used to wait for the road to clear.
  • Question as to how this crossing will be operated/maintained.
    This crossing will operate as a zebra crossing and will be monitored by the school during morning and afternoon school peak times. It will be maintained as part of the surrounding road network.
  • Enquiry as to who requested this crossing.
    The crossing is warranted by the high levels of school children crossing here, combined with the lack of other safe crossing opportunities in the area.
  • Question whether it is possible to have a similar zebra on John Street for kids visiting St Paul's.
    We will investigate a zebra crossing on John Street separately.
  • Suggestion to signalise the Richmond Road and Parawai Crescent Crossing as this is an unsignalised pedestrian crossing at the moment and Housing NZ are building lots of houses there meaning the road will get busier.
    Parawai Crescent does not have enough pedestrian demand to justify a signalised crossing and there is already a signalised crossing across Richmond Road nearby. Additionally, signalising this intersection would likely lead to increased volumes down Kelmarna Avenue and Hukanui Crescent as it will be easier to use these roads as a rat run.

Next steps

This work will happen by the end of June 2019, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.