Wolverton culverts upgrade Wolverton culverts upgrade

Auckland Transport (AT) has upgraded two culverts under Wolverton Street in Avondale.

Project status: Complete
Project zone: West

Project overview

In June 2020, Auckland Transport will begin a programme to replace two culverts under Wolverton Street. Both culverts are coming to the end of their design life and need to be replaced. Once installed, the new larger culverts can contend with greater amounts of rainfall and more frequent storm events, reducing the risk of flooding in the area.

The culverts allow the Whau and Waitahurangi streams to flow under Wolverton Street. The Whau Stream culvert (Culvert 1) is located near the ambulance station, and the Waitahurangi Stream culvert (Culvert 2) is near the Gull station and Olympic Park.

Wolverton culverts upgrade
Culvert 1: Whau stream, Culvert 2: Waitahurangi stream.


  • Reduced risk of flooding in the area.
  • Enhanced attractiveness of the area.


  • November 2018 – Investigation and design.
  • March 2020 – Site clearing and investigation.
  • May 2019 – Preparatory works.
  • June 2020 – The start of on-road works and tidal flow traffic management system.

Visualisation of the upgraded Waitahurangi culvert (near the Gull Station) looking south.
Visualisation of the upgraded Waitahurangi culvert (near the Gull Station) looking south.


Project details

Preparatory Works

Further preparatory work will be ongoing from October 2019. Some of the work will focus on protecting all of the services and utilities that are located under the road, such as gas and water pipes. Contractors will complete further investigative works on these important service lines using CCTV and pot holing to locate all services accurately. This information will assist with the construction of the new culverts.

Once the utilities have been assessed, engineers will determine the best method to protect the utilities when the culverts are being replaced.

Road Layout Changes

Before the main works can begin, Wolverton Street needs to altered so we can maintain traffic access during the construction work. This will involve new traffic lanes being built on the north side of Wolverton Street around the culvert sites. Once these have been built, work to replace the culverts will begin on the south side of the street.

We anticipate that the main construction to replace the culverts will start in June 2020. We will provide more information on this page when we have a more detailed timeline.

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