Grey Lynn and Arch Hill residential parking zones Grey Lynn and Arch Hill residential parking zones

Auckland Transport (AT) will be implementing Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) for the Grey Lynn and Arch Hill communities to provide greater parking availability and flexibility for local residents, businesses and visitors to the area.

Project status: Implementation at the end of 2018
Project zone: Central

Residential parking zone (RPZ)

We have undertaken parking surveys in Grey Lynn and Arch Hill to understand the parking demand, and to design a suitable parking management plan that is consistent with our wider parking strategy, being rolled out across Auckland to better manage on-street parking.

Overcrowded parking particularly affects city fringe suburbs like Grey Lynn and Arch Hill, in which some heritage properties lack off-street parking and streets are used by commuters for daily parking. The objective of the proposed RPZs is to address the problem of overcrowded parking, and provide greater parking availability for residents and visitors to local businesses.

The RPZs will have a time restriction of 120 minutes (P120), and will operate from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Within the RPZs all residents and businesses (one per business) can apply for a permit, which will exempt them from the time restriction. Residents and businesses in the RPZs can also purchase coupons for visitors, which will exempt the coupon holder from the time restriction. Each residence within the zone is eligible to receive 50 free coupons per permit allocation cycle (1 year).

The permits apply only to the suburb where they’re registered. This means permits registered in Grey Lynn only apply in Grey Lynn, and permits registered in Arch Hill only apply in Arch Hill.

Any motorist will be able to park in the area providing they comply with the specified parking restrictions.


The proposed RPZs will benefit both residents and visitors to Grey Lynn and Arch Hill by:

  • Improving parking availability by increasing turnover and discouraging commuter parking.
  • Reducing congestion and stress associated with living and working in an area of high parking demand.
  • Better sharing of on-street parking between residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • Offering greater flexibility in length of stay for visitors.
  • Introducing consistency with the restrictions used around Auckland.
  • Allowing residents of the RPZ area to apply for permits and coupons (for visitors) to exempt them from the paid parking and time restrictions.

What happens to the existing parking restrictions?

There are some parking spaces in both Grey Lynn & Arch Hill that have existing time restrictions.

The following streets have spaces that will be retained:

  • Sussex Street - 6 P60 spaces
  • Turakina Street - 3 P60 spaces
  • Williamson Avenue - 4 P10 spaces
  • Dean Street - 3 P15 spaces
  • Kirk Street – 3 P15 spaces

Please refer to the maps for the locations of the above mentioned spaces.

Parking permits and how to apply

Those with a residence or business in the zone can apply for parking permits and coupons to exempt them from the proposed on-street parking time restrictions.

To see a list of streets in the zones, details about permits and coupons and how to apply, read about residential parking permits.

Revised map of residential parking zones

Grey Lynn & Arch Hill

Map of Grey Lynn and Arch Hill Residential parking zones

Download the updated map of the Grey Lynn & Arch Hill residential parking zones (PDF 1.35MB)

Public engagement

We consulted on the proposed RPZs from 16 November 2017 to 20 December 2017, and received feedback from 887 submitters and a number of key stakeholders. We have analysed all the feedback and produced a public feedback report.

Read the updated Grey Lynn and Arch Hill residential parking zones public feedback report (PDF 1.49MB, 71 pages).


After closely considering all feedback, and extensively investigating various suggestions and alternatives, we have decided to implement the residential parking zones in Grey Lynn and Arch Hill, with some important changes.

We note that 60% of submitters indicated they support the introduction of the residential parking zones, with the Waitematā Local Board, Grey Lynn Residents Association and Grey Lynn Business Association also indicating support.

Following consultation and further investigation, we have made the following changes to the proposal:

  • The boundary of the zone in Grey Lynn has been adjusted, and now excludes a number of streets. Please refer to the new map.
  • The P15 carparks on both Dean and Kirk Streets in Arch Hill will be retained.

We understand and appreciate that the proposal will not please everyone, but as the road controlling authority, our responsibility is to balance the needs of all road users within the limited space available.

Please note: the parking changes were amended to remove a previously proposed P120 time restriction on one side of the road with unrestricted parking on the other side on a number of streets. This was done at the end of August 2018, after further engagement with local residents and at the request of the Waitematā Local Board.

Next steps

The RPZs will be implemented in December 2018.

We will continue to monitor parking on streets outside the RPZ after parking patterns have normalised. Depending on what we find, we could consider a number of different options, including possibly expanding the residential parking zone, implementing some form of time restriction or not implementing any restrictions.

We will work further with the Local Board, Grey Lynn Residents Association and Grey Lynn Business Association to produce a sustainable outcome for the community.