Proposed residential parking zone in Kingsland Proposed residential parking zone in Kingsland

We have decided not to implement the residential parking zone in Kingsland

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Project status: Not proceeding to implementation
Project zone: Central 

Project information – Brief overview

To provide greater parking availability and flexibility, Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing a residential parking zone in Kingsland. The proposal is shown on the map below.

About residential parking zones 

A residential parking zone is a collection of residential streets upon which a parking restriction is applied (typically a 2-hour time limit).

Anyone can park in the zone in accordance with the parking restrictions.

All residents and businesses located within a residential parking zone can apply for parking permits that exempt’s them from the time restrictions.

Every year each residential property within the zone is also eligible for 50 free parking coupons and unlimited additional coupons at $5 each. Residents must apply to AT for the coupons.

Businesses within the zone are not eligible for free coupons. They can purchase coupons for $5 each. The coupons provide a one-day exemption from the parking restrictions that can be used by visitors, such as tradespeople and carers.

How residential parking zones work

Residents and businesses within the residential parking zone apply for parking permits. Permits are issued in priority order to reflect the different circumstances of applicants (see ‘Permit order of priority').

A permit costs $70 per annual cycle. So that permits can be allocated in accordance with the ‘Permit order of priority’, they are issued on, and expire at, a set date each year. (For example, 16 June 2022 to 15 June 2023).

You can apply for a permit ‘midcycle’, but it will still expire at the set date for that residential parking zone. The $70 is an administration cost, so there is no discount for permits issued mid-cycle.

The number of permits issued is capped at 85% of the total number of car parks in the zone to ensure there are always some spaces available for visitors.

A vehicle’s licence plate is electronically linked to the permit or coupon (rather than a sticker on a windscreen or a piece of paper on a dash board). This allows us to cover a greater area when enforcing the residential parking zone by using a vehicle with licence plate recognition technology.

Find more information on residential parking zones .

Permit order of priority

Please Note:

  • If a household applies for multiple permits, they can only have a maximum of one permit approved per round of the permit order of priority.
  • A round starts at the top of this diagram, considering high priority applicants first and works its way to the bottom, considering low priority applicants last. When permits have been granted to all eligible applicants (no more than one per household) the next round starts. Additional permit applications from a household are considered in these subsequent rounds. This cycle is repeated until all available permits are taken, or there are no applicants left.
  • Developments and homes built after the notification of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan in September 2013 are not eligible for permits. This is to stop developers passing on the cost of providing parking to rate payers.

What we proposed for Kingsland

  • As shown on the map on pages 1 and 2, we are proposing a residential parking zone that encapsulates:
    • All property addresses on Kingsland Avenue, First Avenue, Second Avenue, and Third Avenue
    • All properties addresses on Fourth Avenue between School Road and Central Road
    • Numbers 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 Central Road.
  • Time restrictions of 2-hours (P120), Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (excluding public holidays) are proposed for the residential parking zone.
  • The time restriction will only apply to vehicles that do not have permits or coupons.
  • The P120 time restriction will replace all existing parking restrictions within in the residential parking zone, except the existing broken yellow lines, which will remain in place.
  • AT will begin enforcing vehicles parked across driveways, including residents vehicles.

Why we proposed a residential parking zone

  • Albert-Eden Local Board asked us to seek feedback to determine if the community wanted a residential parking zone. The proposal was unlikely to proceed if the majority of residents within the zone do not support it.
  • We have received multiple requests from this community to create a residential parking zone.
  • For most streets within the proposed zone, there is a high level of parking occupancy at peak times.
  • To provide greater parking availability and flexibility for residents, business, and visitors. The two-hour time restriction supports parking for business customers and casual residential visitors, while preventing non-resident long-term parking.
  • To reduce vehicles driving around looking for parking spaces. Less circling vehicles should reduce vehicle noise, pollution, and improve pedestrian safety.
  • To reduce incidences of parked vehicles obstructing driveways, as vehicles do not have to park in marginal spaces.

Project decisions and public feedback report

Due to low levels of support for the proposal, we have decided not to implement the residential parking zone.

Read the report on public feedback. (PDF 787kB, 53 pages)

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