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The Penlink Project is a proposed alternative route between the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and State Highway 1 at Redvale.

Project status: Design
Project zone: North

Project overview

  • Approximately 7km long, the study area is east of SH1 in the vicinity of the Hibiscus Coast highway and Whangaparaoa Road – Silverdale, Millwater, Weiti, Stillwater, and the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.
  • Historic Rodney District Council project, Weiti Crossing first identified in 1980s
  • Contributes to central government and Auckland strategic policies and plans, and the Hibiscus and Bays area plan in terms of:
    • Economic growth and productivity
    • Value for money
    • Safety
    • Integration between land use and transport
    • Efficiency and effectiveness of the transport system


Proposal includes:

  • 7km of new road, including a new bridge across Weiti River
  • Four lane toll road (two in each direction)
  • Provisions for pedestrians and cyclists
  • 100km/hr speed limit
  • Five minute saving for commuters using old route
  • 12-18 minutes savings for commuters using toll road
  • 5.8km shorter route


2013/14 - Confirm Penlink business case
2014/15 - Alter designation and gain approval of all required consents

Project details

  • The project has three key objectives:
    • Improve travel times and reliability
    • Improve network performance and resilience
    • Facilitate economic activity, planned growth and mode choice

Penlink2014Penlink is a new 7km arterial link proposed between State Highway 1 (SH1) and Whangaparaoa Road. This road will relieve traffic on Whangaparaoa Road and the Hibiscus Coast Highway and improve travel times and journey reliability in the area. Improved connections will facilitate planned growth (e.g. in Whangaparaoa and Silverdale) and support economic activity (e.g. Dairy Flat and Silverdale).

Click on the image (right) for a bigger map.

The Penlink alignment is already provided for in the District Plan (e.g. it is designated and there are resource consents for the operation of the road). However, new consents are needed to enable and manage construction and Auckland Transport has identified that some changes are needed.

Auckland Transport is now progressing the Penlink design and undertaking further environmental investigations to support new resource consent applications. At the same time, Auckland Transport is looking at some improvements, to provide for:

      • An arterial road with up to two lanes in each direction;
      • A grade-separated interchange (with city bound ramps) to SH1, that provides for the future development at Dairy Flat and accommodates the extension of the northern busway, as well as providing a connection to East Coast Road;
      • Safety improvements for the local road connections at Weiti Station / Weiti Forest Park and at at Duck Creek Road;
      • A signalised intersection with Whangaparaoa Road; and
      • Cycle facilities along the route, including a separate shared path across Weiti Bridge (Stillwater to Whangaparaoa).

AT and its consultants will be on site between March and July 2014, undertaking environment investigations for the alignment.

Following this investigation work, Auckland Transport will identify and talk to people who may be affected by the design improvements. 

Key facts

      • Designation approved in 2001, based on a two lane road
      • Land purchases completed in 2007
      • Project handed over to Auckland Transport in 2010 and current LTP shows design funding in 2018 with construction starting in 2021
      • 2013 review of specimen design and growth assumptions.

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