Coordinating work in the road and Future project advice Coordinating work in the road and Future project advice

Auckland Transport (AT) is responsible for coordinating work in the road corridor to ensure everyone who digs up the road uses a 'dig once' approach wherever possible.

  • Find out what AT's road corridor access coordination team does
  • When you should notify us about a future project
  • Utilities uploading work into Forward Works Viewer

The 'dig once' approach

The 'dig once' minimises the number of times the road is dug up. 

The approach minimises disruption to road users and residents, reduces costs and prevents unnecessary damage to existing road and utility assets in the transport corridor. 

Coordinating work 

AT is responsible for coordinating and sharing forward work plans so everyone knows what's going on. 

Everyone carrying out work in the road corridor is expected to make every effort to coordinate their planned works with that of others and promote a ‘dig once’ approach. 

What AT’s road corridor access coordination team does.

AT's road corridor access coordination team: 

  • develops methods, systems and practices to coordinate planned work in the transport corridor, 
  • provides a contact point for all stakeholders, 
  • oversees works coordination activities to ensure coordination is undertaken routinely and successfully, 
  • organises regional coordination meetings to share information. 

Future project advice 

The Works Coordination team review internal and external projects. The teamwork to understand the potential impact on the transport network during construction and to provide guidance to Project Managers/agents. 

By engaging early with the Works Coordination team, the Project Manager/agents will have more certainty of what will be required by the road corridor access team, to receive a Works Access Permit (WAP) and enable their project to progress to construction. The Works Coordination team will be able to advise on requirements to engage with other AT teams e.g., Day of Operations, Network Operations, ATOC. 

If necessary, a member of the coordination team will contact you and may recommend attending a Coordination Review and Pre-Traffic Management Plans (TMP) Review with AT specialists, to give guidance to facilitate your project and streamline your approvals. To start the process please follow the steps below to check if you fit the criteria to submit the Future Projects Notification form.

Find out what you may need before you apply for a Corridor Access Request (CAR)

When you should notify us about a future project 

Project managers/agents should involve the Works Coordination team if the project fits at least one of these criteria’s by completing the Future Projects Notification form.

If your project is:

  • is located on a road with high traffic volume, or is an arterial route, 
  • is 3 months or more away from construction,
  • is likely to be a long duration, 
  • is in an area with other projects planned or under construction, 
  • construction methodology requires high impact traffic management e.g. road closure, 
  • the project is expected to create a significant impact on road users. 

Step 1: Fill in and submit the Future Projects Notification Form

We only require you to complete this form once for each project. Do not complete this form if your works are already in the construction phase. 

You can fill in the form without having a MyAT account, but if you log into MyAT you will: 

  • get a confirmation email with a reference number 
  • all correspondence will be linked to your profile. 

If you do not have a MyAT account, create one first by registering for MyAT. 

Submit the Future Projects Notifications Form

Step 2: Works coordination team review 

The form will be submitted to the Works Coordination Team to review your project and provide advice if project coordination is needed to assist with your planning and works approval process. 

The Works Coordination team aim to get back to you within 5-10 working days. 

If you have any urgent enquiries about the request, email them to Include the reference number you received from submitting the form to the Works Coordination team. 

The information that you have provided us will only be shared internally for technical review. 

Step 3: Coordination and Pre-Traffic Management Plan reviews

The Works Coordination team may request you to attend a coordination review and a Pre-TMP review. 

Coordination review 

Coordination reviews are scheduled when you are at the early stages of your project (initiation or design) so the Works Coordination team and AT specialist, can understand the scope of the works, and review what is coming up in the same area. 

The AT specialist may have recommendations or considerations, which can be added to tender documents, so the contractor knows what is expected of them. They may involve other projects that will be working in the same area to plan how these fit in together.  

Pre-Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Review 

Pre-TMP Reviews are scheduled when a project is ready to apply for Corridor Access Request (CAR)/TMP and has a draft TMP to present to the group or plans that will show the constructability. 

AT specialist then can provide any recommendations and consideration prior to submitting your plans and you will have an understanding of works happening on the network during construction. 

These meetings prevent project delays and give guidance on what is required to be completed in order to receive an approved TMP. 

Utilities uploading work into forwarding Works Viewer 

AT follows international best practices and has established a dig once policy to protect transport and underground utility assets and to make sure as much of the roading network as possible is available to the public. 

The requirements for coordination are laid down in the Utilities Access Act 2010 and the related National Code of Practice for Utility Operators' Access to Transport Corridors which was developed by the New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group. 

If you're a utility operator who undertakes work on the road, we need your forward work plans for upload to the LINZ Forward Works Viewer. 

Upload to the LINZ Forward Works Viewer 

If you are a project manager for a utility operator you need to ensure that your project information is up to date and has been supplied to your Programme Planning office. Your planning office will supply the information to the Forward Works Viewer.  

This allows AT staff and utility operators to view the planned works of the respective organisations and means AT's road corridor access coordination team can talk to the project owners and coordinate works under the 'dig once' approach. 

For each instance of planned work, we need the details of: 

  • the nature of the planned works, 
  • location, 
  • timing, 
  • contact details. 

For more information from the road corridor access coordination team and to be notified of regional coordination meetings

Contact Auckland Transport