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Find out how to get around the city centre by car while works are underway.

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The new Essential Vehicle Area (EVA)

From 3 July 2022, the area between the Civic Theatre on Wellesley Street and the Town Hall at the intersection of Wakefield Street has become an Essential Vehicle Area, or EVA.

An illustration in the style of a map showing Queen Street, Mayoral Drive, Wakefield Street, Wellesley Street, Kitchener Street, Lorne Street, Victoria Street East, and Durham Street East. Several buildings by the streets are depicted in 3D. Wakefield Street and Wellesley Street are shown in green. The area of Queen Street between the intersection of Queen Street and Wakefield Street and Queen Street and Wellesley Street is shown in red. In the middle of this red section of road is the image of a white rectangle with a red outline. In the rectangle is a black and white image of a bus and the words 'GV Lane' underneath it. People are seen walking around this red section of road. A bus is shown travelling along Wellesley Street. Another bus can be seen stopping on Queen Street, near the intersection of Queen Street and Victoria Street East. Several people can be seen standing near Aotea Square, and a cyclist is seen on upper Queen Street. In the top right of the image is a box labelled 'Key'. It shows a blue, pill-shaped symbol with a white letter P and a white image of a person in a wheelchair. To the right of this icon are the words 'Mobility Parking'. Below this is a red rectangle with white dotted lines passing through its centre, the same style as the red area shown on Queen Street. To the right of this red graphic are the words 'Essential Vehicle Area'. The mobility parking icon appears on the map next to the intersection of Queen Street and Wellesley Street (on the right side of Queen Street), on either side of Queen Street just past the intersection of Wakefield Street and Queen Street, and on an unlabelled road that intersects with Wakefield Street, near Lorne Street.

This means that this part of Queen Street is now closed to private vehicles, taxis, and car share services. 

The EVA applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you enter the EVA with an unauthorised vehicle, you'll receive a $150 infringement fee. 

See which vehicles can use the EVA.

View a map of routes to mobility parking and drop-off and pick-up spaces near the EVA. (PDF 734KB)

Find out other routes you can take in this area.

Watch this video in NZSL. (Note: The NZSL video has no sound)

Vehicles that can use an EVA

The only vehicles that can use an EVA are:

  • buses
  • bikes
  • mopeds
  • motorbikes
  • emergency vehicles
  • vehicles registered with Waka Kotahi as 'goods vehicles'.

If you enter the EVA with any other type of vehicle, you'll receive a $150 infringement fee. 

Other routes you can take

To travel east to west across the city centre, you can use:

  • Mayoral Drive
  • Customs Street
  • Wyndham Street
  • Shortland Street.

If your destination is not in the city centre, look for alternative routes to get you around faster and more efficiently. Consider taking:

  • Customs Street
  • Mayoral Drive
  • or the motorway.

If you can, now is a great time to consider taking the bus, walking, or riding a bike to this area.

Driving in the city centre is changing

We're working to improve Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland's city centre. We're making it a space for all that's greener, safer, and better connected. This will be in line with with the City Centre Masterplan, Auckland's 20 year vision for our city centre and waterfront.

To help people travel to and within the city centre more efficiently, we're reshaping how we use city centre streets. We'll be giving more space to people:

  • using public transport
  • walking
  • cycling
  • servicing and delivering to homes and buildings.

We're also shifting the city centre from a place people 'go through' to a place people 'go to'. One example is the new EVA we're introducing on Queen Street between Wakefield Street and Wellesley Street.

If you're a business, find out how we can help you make it easier for your employees to commute to work.

Other ways of travelling to the city

Buses, trains, and ferries all have connections to the city centre. You can plan your journey on foot, by bike, or public transport using Journey Planner.

You can use the AT Mobile App to see bus and train arrival and departure times, or find e-scooter and e-bike rentals in the city.

Plan your journey

Parking, pick-ups, and drop-offs in the city centre

Parking, pick-ups, and drop-offs in the city centre are also changing. To help local businesses operate efficiently, we'll be giving loading and servicing zones priority. 

There is no longer any general parking on Queen Street. Instead, there are zones and parking spaces, including:

  • short-term loading zones, which can be used to drop off and pick up of goods and people
  • goods loading zones, for goods vehicles only
  • short-term mobility parking spaces.

View a map of loading and parking zones in and around Queen Street. (PDF 288KB)

You can pay for on-street parking and parking in AT-owned carparks online or through your smartphone with AT Park.

Find parking

Projects affecting driving in the city centre

Wai Horotiu Queen Street Valley Project 

Roads affected: Wellesley Street, Mayoral Drive, Queen Street
Construction Dates: 7 February 2022 to September 2022
Visit the Wai Horotiu Queen Street Valley project webpage. 

Lower Albert Street Interchange

Roads affected: Lower Albert Street
Construction Dates: 5 June 2022 to November 2022
Visit the Lower Albert Street Interchange project webpage.

City Rail Link

Roads affected: Albert Street, Wellesley Street, Victoria Street West
Construction Dates: 2021 to 2024
Visit the City Rail Link project webpage.

Wellesley Street Bus Improvements

Roads affected: Wellesley Street
Construction Dates: 2023 to 2024
Visit the Wellesley Street Bus Improvements project webpage.